WORX WG913.51-Combo kit  for Your Lawn

This new product from the line of power tool company WORX known as the WORX WG913.51 is a combo kit which is the definitive must have for all lawns and home owners who have gardens which needs intensive maintenance. This package comes with the already released WG151.18 18V cordless electric string trimmer which has already been a runaway success in the market and along with the WG251 18V electric hedge trimmer and the WG540 blower which will of course help to clean up after you have trimmed and edged the grass and the hedges in your yard. This comes with the universal 18V battery which is not only light weight but is also environmentally friendly and runs for long and therefore is a perfect source for power for these devices unlike the very troublesome cords which are used in other electric devices.
WORX WG913.51
This whole package comes with a 2 year warranty which is pretty good according to the general market trend the customers have actually bought this package as it gives them three very important devices which they will need in a package for a price which is much less than the what you would pay if one would buy all the devices individually, hence this is pretty much recommended if you are looking to upgrade on your gardening maintenance equipment. At a price of $399.99, the services that one gets after buying this package are truly something which is worth the money spent.

One of the most important USP of this package is the device’s 18V battery which can be used on any of the machines here. It is supposed to give you ample amount of working time after only 30 minutes of charge, however there have been some issues with the battery not being able to hold the power after is has somewhat gotten a little old after use. All the devices in this package are very handy to use and do not any kind of hassles when it comes to carrying it around and using this is a breeze as all the machines have a set of pretty decent controls which allows you to customize the operations to a great extent. This package gives you many more reasons to be happy than be worried about it and hence it is a must buy. Since there is not much doubt about the credentials of WORX products and moreover it also helps is helping you to save a huge amount of money as buying the lower and the cutter would it self set you back by more than $250.

WORX WG913.51 plusses

There are many more plusses to the minuses for this product as has been said before. The string trimmer which you get here is probably one of the best in the market and gives the user utmost comfort while they are operating this device.

WORX WG913.51 downers

As some of the users have said, there are still some issues with the long terms reliability of this battery which is about the only thing which is still a cause for concern. Other than that, the company can go a long way in improving their customer service which is needed.

WORX WG913.51 3-Piece 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit With Blower, String Trimmer & Hedge Trimmer