Electric String Trimmer – Affordable Trimmer for Everyone

If you need the power of a gas string trimmer but don’t want to spend money in fuel then electric string trimmers are the next best option for you. Electric string trimmers are affordable but often flimsy. Don’t go for the cheapest one because it may only waste your effort, time and money. The cheapest electric string trimmers could only work as toys for your child. Never bargain or compromise for a quality product because quality comes at cost and you can only comfortable with a quality product. Pick up the one that is affordable and could make your life in your backyard easier. It’s not painful to raise your budget if you are getting more features packed in your electric string trimmer just for the addition of few bucks. So you should look at the electric string trimmer that is affordable and a solid contender capable enough to keep your garden looking clean. Some of the products of this model are Troy-Bilt TB50CS 4.7-amp top-mount motor trimmer, Worx WG103 6-amp trimmer and Worx WG102 4.5-amp trimmer.

Troy-Bilt TB50CS 4.7-amp top-mount motor trimmer

The engines are placed on the top in the Gas String Trimmers but similar to the design of the Gas string trimmers, the engines of some Electric String Trimmers are also positioned on the top. Troy-Bilt TB50CS 4.7-amp trimmer is a rare string trimmer with the engine mounted on the top. Top mounted trimmer may give more vibration than a bottom mounted trimmer. This electric string trimmer combines the benefits of both the Gas String Trimmers and the Electric String Trimmers. It is light in weight, friendly to earth with the engine at the top to provide more power and is available for as low as $60 only. It comes with 2 years of limited warranty.

Worx WG103 6-amp string trimmer

Worx WG103 6-amp trimmer has earned the best buy designation at the Consumer Guide. Adjustable handles are provided to maximize control and comfort. The cool handle release bar allows the user to adjust his or her grip with few fingers only. A foldable spacer guard is provided to trim with effecting delicate flowers. It has a shaft that could tilt up to 90 degree and allow the cutting head to cover those areas also without stretching or straining that hard to reach. Warranty offered is of two years.

Worx WG102 4.5-amp string trimmer

This electric string trimmer is corded and the most effective. Features are easy to use. Its weight is only 7 pounds and comes with a pigtail cord of 20 inches. Use of this trimmer is very easy Worx WG102 4.5-amp trimmer can be bought for less than $60. 6 amp models are available if the job is bigger. Warranty of 2 years is covered in Worx WG102 4.5-amp trimmer. The biggest disadvantage with this trimmer is that it’s not designed for heavy trimming. It has a motor of only 4.5 amp and this is also one downside of this product.