Best Electric String Trimmer

Best Electric String Trimmer & Weed Eater Reviews and Buy Guide in 2017

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There are many different types of the string trimmer. Even though in the beginning, gas-powered string trimmers were frequently used and electric and battery-powered string trimmers were considered weak and not that powerful with fast draining battery. However, after everyone noticed that gas-powered trimmers produce harmful emissions along with great vibrations and noise that could affect your health and well-being, manufacturers decided to increase the productivity for an electric string trimmer.

Today, we can say without any additional problem, that electric string trimmer is the perfect alternative for other gas-trimmers that has to be maintained with oil and gas frequently, which makes them messy, loud, heavy and harmful for the environment.

We decided to present you best electric string trimmers that you can purchase on the market. Most of them will provide you a combination of affordability, durability, effectiveness, and comfort. That is the main reason why people are using them frequently, and if you have a household with medium or small sized yard, an electric string trimmer is a perfect tool for you.

1. GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer

GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String TrimmerThis great GreenWorks electric string trimmer is specifically made to maintain your household. It is easy to handle, lightweight and noiseless and in the same time powerful because it contains 4 amp motor. It has a cutting swath of 13’’ and motor creates dual strings cut so that you could pass the thickest part of weeds and grasses on your lawn without any additional issues. It is affordable and that is why people are buying it frequently. The main thing that people worry about, when they hear that electric string trimmer is cheap is the quality. You don’t have to worry, because it is well made and sturdy, and when you purchase it you will obtain 4-years warranty, which is twice more than the industry standard.

Trimmer will provide you all basic features, and you can easily adjust and customize it to fit you in different ways. You can increase the length of the telescopic shaft and that makes it perfect for people with different heights. You will be able to adjust the auxiliary handle also by sliding it up and rotating it. Finally, the trimming is piece of cake. It is easy to handle and lightweight, and yet it will provide you enough power to cut through thickest weeds and grass. It is well balanced and weighs only 4 lbs. You will be able to press the handle in order to boost the pressure and what is most important the low vibrations will feel comfortable and there will be no fatigue or health issues. You can easily convert it into an edger, you just have to rotate the shaft and tight it.


  • It is lightweight with only 4 lbs.
  • It is very comfortable and easy to use
  • It is at the same time durable and affordable, with 4-years warranty


  • If your height is 6’’3’ and larger it could be small for you

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2. BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger, 12″

BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String TrimmerWe have all heard about Black & Decker tools for household and that they are one of the most popular manufacturers of the electric string trimmer. This particular trimmer is perfect because it is at the same time, sturdy, lightweight and affordable. If you want to trim around your house with full comfort and without any fatigue, this is the perfect electric string trimmer for you. You have to understand that you need an extension cord in order to make it work and you will be able to purchase 16-gauge and 14-gauge ones and 100 feet cord. The extension contains two prong connections.

When you get it in the box it is fully assembled, and you will need few minutes just to attach string guard and mount the auxiliary handle. As we have mentioned above, this particular string trimmer is lightweight with only 5.5 lbs. and that means that you will be able to operate it with easiness. However, even though it is lightweight, you will still get high-building quality. You can extend shaft easily in order to fit your height by the knob. The overall length is 37’’ and you can get 6’’ more. It is compatible for both tall and short persons. It comes with a 6.5-amp electric motor that will easily cut thick grass and weed. It uses one 0.065’’ string and it is suitable for the medium-sized lawn. It has auto feed function that will feed the string when that is needed. You can also use the edger function, by tilting it on the side and attach the head to be useful.


  • It is affordable, lightweight and sturdy
  • It comes already fully assembled
  • You can extend shaft so that it could be compatible with both short and taller people


  • Feed function is not that great

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3. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric TrimmerThis particular electric string trimmer contains plenty of power that could help you effectively to trim your lawn without any additional problem. Even though it is not in the group of most powerful string trimmers, it is still efficient enough. It is very compact and lightweight, which makes it very easy to maneuver. It has a cutting width of 14’’ and that makes it easy to handle and you won’t get any unnecessary fatigue and back pain.

If you decide to purchase this electric string trimmer you will get cord which could be at the same time disadvantage and advantage. You have to consider that you need a long extension cord in order to trim your yard, especially if it is medium-sized. In some cases cord can get in the way which could interfere with your comfort, however, you don’t have to recharge it at all, just plug it in and start trimming as long as you want. It won’t lose power halfway through the job, and it will keep the same level of intensity.

It is very affordable and contains solid features that will allow you to trim your lawn in a timely manner without any additional problem. You can rotate the head with a button on so that you can whack weeds, do detail edging and trim. There is a way to extend the shaft and to make it comfortable for people with different height. You just have to pull a trigger on the handle and it will automatically adjust cutting length. It comes with a two-year warranty which is below average if you compare it with other electric string trimmers that come with three years.


  • You can easily extend the height
  • It is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to maneuver
  • You can rotate the head


  • It works on cord, which means that it could come in way with trimming

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4. BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX Lithium Ion String Trimmer, 13″

BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX Lithium Ion String TrimmerWhen you decide to buy high-quality electric string trimmer that is at the same time lightweight and powerful, you should consider purchasing Black & Decker. It works on electricity which means that you don’t have to deal and maintain it with gas and oil, which makes it easier to work with. It is environment-friendly, which is another benefit of the electric string trimmer, especially when you starting it up. It contains PowerCommand that will bring the fine addition to this great string trimmer. It could reach 8500 RPM strength in order to finish tougher garden and weeds. As we said in the beginning, it is lightweight than other gas-powered trimmers, which means that you can work for hours without any additional effort, and at the same time it is flexible and you can handle it easily through edges.

It contains automatic feed spool that will ensure you comfortable work without bumping. It is great for edging and for landscapes. It is not fuel powered, which means that you don’t have to worry about any regulations. It is environment-friendly and in the same time noiseless and therefore you won’t be able to interfere with neighbors when you are using it. Because of its lightweight, it could be used by anyone and you will be able to enjoy all the way because of maneuverability. It can be easily converted from trimmer to edger, you just have to turn the shaft and enjoy. However, you cannot do it while working, which means that you have to turn it off.


  • You can easily adjust it according to your height
  • It is lightweight, which means that is easy to maneuver
  • It is noiseless and has anti-vibration feature


  • It can work on both battery and cord, however, battery is not that efficient

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5. BLACK+DECKER LST300 12-Inch Lithium Trimmer / Edger, 20-volt

BLACK+DECKER LST300 12-Inch Lithium TrimmerIf you want to buy electric string trimmer that will deliver you great cutting results without any hassle and mess with gas and oil, this is the perfect trimmer for you. Even though it is electric, it will provide you the same power as any gas-powered string trimmer and at the same time, it is quite durable and affordable. It contains the possibility to adjust the height and pivot the handle position in order to reach more control and comfort. It is ideal for mowing and edging along borders, flower beds and sidewalks. It comes with a battery that offers you 33% more runtime than the previous version.

It is easy to start and it is quite lightweight with only 5.7 pounds. It contains PowerDrive transmission that will provide you consistent power and it can maintain the performance for heavy grass and thick weeds without any additional problem. It comes with 12’’ cutting swath, which means that you can easily perform it on your medium-sized lawn. You don’t have to bump or release string in order to adjust the string spool. Everything feeds continuously and automatically which is perfect if you compare it to similar electric string trimmers in the same price range. It is noiseless and has anti-vibration features which are perfect for handling and additional comfort. You don’t have to worry about fatigue and if you have problems with back because everything could be adjusted perfectly and you will be able to enjoy all the way.


  • It is lightweight with only 5.7 pounds
  • It contains PowerDrive Transmission
  • It can be easily transformed into edger


  • It comes with 2-years warranty

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Best Electric String Trimmer – Buying Guide

An electric string trimmer is an indispensable part of your household and garden tools especially for these places where lawn mowers cannot reach. They are perfect for cutting thick weeds, brushes and longer grass. You can easily trim and edge and enjoy. Most of them are lightweight, easy to handle and contain whirling string, which makes it ideal for yard maintenance.

We decided to present you guide that will introduce you with important factors that will help you decide which electric string trimmer you should purchase:

  • Power – The biggest factor in considering which electric string trimmer you should buy is the size of your lawn. That is the reason you should consider buying powerful trimmer that could easily handle your type of household. There are many different trimmers that will help you reach the hard-to-reach areas and most of them have the possibility to edge a sidewalk and function on the thick terrain.
  • Lightweight – It is important to consider who will use the electric string trimmer. In case that you want to buy the one that will be easy to maneuver and in the same time adjustable for your height, then you should purchase electric string trimmer. However, you have to understand that lightweight models are more expensive.
  • Cutting Path – This feature always determines how long you will need in order to maintain your backyard. Most electric string trimmers come in 12’’ cutting path, however, if you want to buy the bigger one the price will increase gradually.
  • Type of Shaft – There are two types of shafts, curved-shafts are most common and they are easier to handle when you trim edges and generally they are lighter than others; however, straight-shaft trimmers are perfect for creating beautiful landscapes because it will provide you additional reach for flower beds and hard-to-reach areas. It comes with less vibration and it could easily finish your job without any additional problem.


We have presented you a list of best electric string trimmers that you can choose for your household. There are many different factors that you should know before you decide to purchase trimmer, however, you have to understand that it is an indispensable part of your household, so you have to consider buying electric string trimmer that is at the same time durable, powerful and comfortable.