`Choosing The Best String Trimmer for Your Needs

How to find out the best string trimmer for you?

String trimmer is an important garden tool that is also referred to as a line trimmer. The best string trimmers allow the addition and replacement of accessories as well and we have so many choices available in the market, so to find the best model may prove to be a difficult task.

There are several factors which can make a string trimmer more attractive and most important factors include price, suction power, and versatility.

When you are trying to figure out that which string trimmer is best for you start with an overall comparison and being able to narrow down your needs to determine precisely what type of string trimmer you need.

Price is a important factor to determine the overall value of a string trimmer, but a low price does not always mean that you are getting the best value for your money, you may need to compromise with quality and features. The ease of use and the ability to maintain the lawn in time can make a higher priced string trimmer a better value for money buy.

We have chosen two different ways of selecting the best string trimmer; basically based on features and based on consumer reviews which typically show the real value and real life performance of a certain string trimmer.


Best string trimmers Based on Features

WORX GT WG151.5 Cordless Electric String TrimmerWORX GT WG151.5 18-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric String Trimmer/Edger With Quick Charger

This converts the GT trimmer into a walk-behind edger and vice-versa in a matter of seconds for it and an adjustable spacer guard protects plants, flowers and garden furniture from damage while trimming. A feature like 90-degree tilting shaft orients the cutting head for sloped and hard-to-reach areas. It is 100% automatic single-line feed for best cutting performance. This trimmer runs with Lithium-ion battery technology, its long life, no self discharge, light weight and no memory effect. read WORX GT WG151.5 reviews.

Black & Decker GH1000 Electric String TrimmerBlack & Decker GH1000 Grass Hog XP 14-Inch 7.2 Amp Electric String Trimmer/Edger

The Black & Decker GH1000 trimmer has a 7.2 Amp motor to deliver 7,400 rpm and a wide, 14-inch cutting swath for effective trimming, its unique spool system uses centrifugal force to automatically feed out more line when you need it and its head rotates 180 degrees for quick switches from trimming to edging, it weighs just 6.9 pounds and offers soft, adjustable grips for easy handling, moreover one exciting feature of this is it is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty

Poulan Pro PP125 Gas-Powered String TrimmerPoulan Pro PP125 17-Inch 25 cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft String Trimmer with Split Shaft

This has SureFire 25cc 2-cycle Gas engine and 17-Inch Cutting Width with  .095-Inch Diameter Cutting Line, Dual Exit, it is fully attachment Capable with  Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California.

Best string trimmer Based on Consumer Reviews

Black & Decker Grass Hog NST2018

Black & Decker NST2018 String TrimmerCosts around $100 and weighs nearly 7 pounds.
It is cordless and is mainly used for trimming edges of a lawn
Powered by Nickel-Cadmium batteries. Runtime can be increased to two hours by using 2 batteries.
It works fine on well-maintained grass but, it is not powerful enough to handle tall grass.
You can connect it to electricity with an extension cord
This trimmer is easy to use and inexpensive when compared to heavy gas trimmers.

More than 400 users have reviewed the Black & Decker NST2018 cordless string trimmer, giving it an average rating of four stars out of five so overall, owners say that it is great for moderate jobs, but fibrous stems can be a problem for this trimmer. See Black & Decker NST2018 Revies.

Stihl FSE 60 Electric TrimmerStihl  FSE60

It costs around $130. Although, it has a tough to handle cord, but this trimmer can efficiently cut strong weeds and tall grass and it does not make much noise and is easy to use. This one does not cause much pollution and you do not have to buy oil or gasoline for it and this lasts long and can also be used with a 200 feet extension cord. It is lighter than gas trimmers but bit heavier than electric trimmers and moreover It is cost-effective in price as well as in maintenance.

Craftsman 79197

Craftsman 79197The top-rated gas-powered Craftsman 79197 is powerful enough to cut down weeds and tall grass, and you do not need an electrical cord. Furthermore, its four-stroke engine is more efficient, more durable and quieter than cheaper two-stroke engines, and you do not need to mix oil with the gas here in it. Reviews from the users say line refills are easy, and the split shaft allows you to use attachments. It weighs around 20-pound that makes it cumbersome to use for more than a few minutes, so you will probably need a shoulder strap or harness to hold this up for long. If you do not mind dealing with a electrical cord, the less expensive Stihl FSE60 is nearly as powerful as it is but weighs less than half as much.

Lehr Eco Trimmer ST025DC

LEHR ST025DC TrimmerPropane string trimmers are new to the market and this Lehr trimmer was introduced in spring 2009, so the brand and the trimmer is not that much used to be proved. However, so far the reviewers, basically the users who reviewed this are fans of the Lehr Eco Trimmer. It is as powerful as a gas trimmer yet you do not have to buy and store gasoline for this, and propane is less polluting too. But, you have the cost to bear for one-pound propane canisters that are $3 to $5 each, which cannot be refilled and only give, you two hours of runtime each time after you refill the tank. This trimmer has a detachable curved shaft and weighs 15 pounds with the propane canister and all these Eco Trimmer models are fairly heavy. So those who want power but less weight may want to consider the corded electric Stihl FSE60 as this is another eco-friendly choice and a good one.



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