Gas String Trimmers – Trim Your Lawn Without Struggle

Everyone who understand the importance of a well maintained lawn in their home where they can spend sometime walking in evening or morning time to refresh themselves. Maintaining a garden also need your time and some instruments such as string trimmer. String trimmers are good instruments to help you in cutting down brush, longer grass on steep inclines and weeds. There are many types of string trimmers such as gas string trimmer, cordless string trimmer, echo string trimmer, commercial string trimmer, electric string trimmer etc. Choose the string trimmers that are not too cumbersome to take it around your whole property.

Why you should use Gas String Trimmers

Gas string trimmers are good to use if you need more power to do your job and also do not weigh too much. Gas string trimmers weigh slightly more than electric string trimmers and it weighs 10-14 pounds but 10-14 pounds of weight cannot fatigue you in moving it in your garden. Weight should also not be the only parameter of your decision but you must also consider other factors such as balance. To check its balance, adjust its front handle as according to your comfort. Use your both hands to hold the gas string trimmer in the cutting position. The balance of Gas string trimmers is good because its weight is distributed when you hold it in the cutting position and don’t require you to struggle with your job.

Types and Brands of Gas String Trimmers

All the controls are easy to reach and smooth to operate. Gas string trimmers are of two types, two cycle models and four cycle models. Four cycle engines are more powerful at slow speed and run cleaner. Four cycle engines use Gasoline only and produce fewer emissions as compared to two cycle engines. Gas string trimmers designed with the objective of dependability and long use are made Stratton and Briggs engines. Stratton and Briggs engines are used in the branded gas string trimmers. Sarlo, Fource, Snapper and Craftsman are the brands that are powered by high quality Stratton and Briggs engines. Some of the best products of gas string trimmers are Craftsman 79197 gas string trimmer and Shindaiwa T222 gas string trimmer.

Craftsman 79197 gas string trimmers

Craftsman 79197 gas string trimmers have bells and whistles but still these are offered at low price. A convertible split boom with optional attachments is provided in Craftsman 79197 gas string trimmer and with the help of it you can convert your trimmer into a pole saw, an edger, a cultivator, a pruner, a blower, a brush cutter or a hedge trimmer. Craftsman 79197 gas string trimmer comes with 2 years warranty. Innovative nature and versatile nature of this product makes it unique.

Shindaiwa T222 gas string trimmer

Shindaiwa T222 gas string trimmer is packed with innovative features and performs like a professional model with the great cutting power. It has a high torque engine. This product is specially designed for the home owners and available at easy price. The warranty of 2 years is offered if you are using it residentially and 180 days is offered if you are using it commercially.

So choose the Gas String Trimmers that best fit your needs and start trimming to make your lawn clean and comfortable.