Cordless String Trimmers – The Portable String Trimmers

If you wish to clean your yard then you need string trimmers. There are many types of string trimmers available in the market such as gas string trimmer, electric string trimmer, cordless string trimmer corded string trimmer, propane string trimmers etc. You can select the one that best fit your needs. For example, if you have chosen gas string trimmer, then it must be fueled timely because it works from fuel and it is the disadvantage of this string trimmer so if you are ready for fuel expenses then gas string trimmer is a good option. Similarly propane string trimmer needs propane to run, corded string trimmers have cord which also needs to be taken wherever you want to take your string trimmer and it is inconvenient to carry and sometimes can be dangerous also. So if you don’t want to carry the cord and don’t want to spend money for fuel and propane then cordless string trimmer is the best option.

Cordless String Trimmers

The only disadvantage of Cordless string trimmers is that the battery discharges after use and so you will have to recharge the battery. Once charged, the battery can work for about 30 minutes. This time is sufficient for the yard of average length and breadth but after this you will have to recharge your battery. Cordless string trimmers can easily be taken from one place to other. Cordless string trimmers offered by Black and Decker range from 9-14” cutting paths. These string trimmers are packed with power so that these can easily tackle tough grass and weeds. These string trimmers neither make too much noise nor emit fumes. Cordless string trimmers range from $50 to $100. Some of the examples of Cordless string trimmers are Toro 51467 8-inch cordless trimmer, Troy-Bilt TB55B 12-volt cordless trimmer etc.

Toro 51467 8-inch cordless trimmer

Toro 51467 8-inch cordless string trimmer is light in weight with an ergonomic design. Its cutting width is only 8 inches that is the smallest among the other cordless string trimmers. Its cost is $50 approximately. Its price is as low as $50 and so is affordable to everyone. One more disadvantage of this model is its batter recharge time is about 24 hours. A charging light is provided in this cordless string trimmer that is red when it is not fully charged and changes to green when the string trimmer is fully charged. This model comes with the two year warranty.

Troy-Bilt TB55B 12-volt cordless trimmer

If your lawn is more than average then you need a string trimmer that can be easily taken from one place to another and this is where Troy-Bilt TB55B 12-volt cordless string trimmer solves your problem. The portability feature of this string trimmer allows you to take it in any corner of your lawn. Its weight is slightly more than other cordless string trimmers but motor mounted on the top shifts its weight so that trimming head does not appear to be heavy and one can easily take it from one place to another. One more advantage of this cordless string trimmer is that its battery is rechargeable and removable so if your battery discharges in the middle then it will not delay your work.
The disadvantage associated with this cordless string trimmer is that its cutting width is only 10 inches and so it is only suitable small or medium trimming tasks. Troy-Bilt TB55B 12-volt cordless string trimmer comes with a two year limited warranty.


So if you can manage to recharge your battery timely and you have only small or medium trimming tasks then cordless string trimmers are the best option for you.