The Husqvarna 128ld 28cc String Trimmer Review: Is It Worth It?

In this blog I will guide you through buying and using the Husqvarna string trimmer. I will also give you my personal opinion of the machine.


Well, we can all agree that we need our lawns to always look perfect! Finding the right trimmer with just the right features can be a hectic process. There are hundreds of different makes and designs rendering it impossible to determine which would best suit you.

Husqvarna 128ld 28cc String Trimmer

Trimming your hedges can be a lot of work. The traditional option for trimming hedges was the use of shears, which ended up in a lot of time and energy wastage. The use of trimmers makes work so easy and saves almost half of the effort used by shears. Many people are satisfied with investments in these machines.

The first steps you should take before you determine which trimmer to purchase are:

Electric: The electric type uses electricity as the source of power.

Gas:This type uses gas to power the machine. Gas powered trimmers are great for huge lawns bt are more complicated to use. I would suggest you start off with an electric trimmer then later settle for a gas powered one.

  • Cost: Most of the trimmers range from as little as $35 to as much as $300 depending on the brand and the quality.
  • Length: The length of the trimmer also matters! This will be dependent on the size and thickness of your hedges.
  • Weight: The weight of the trimmer is alo important. It should be portable and easy to manage so as to manoeuvre easily across the hedges.
  • Ease of Use: Is the trimmer user friendly or not?
  • Maintenance: Can it be easily repaired and are the spare parts available?
  • Safety: How safe is the machine? Does it pose a threat of harm?

After considering all the above factors I recently purchased a Husqvarna 28-cc string trimmer. The package arrived well packaged a couple of days after I had placed my order on eBay. It came with an easy to read manual and right away I decided to use it. The one I purchased is a gasoline powered machine rather than the electric option. I fueled it with some left over gasoline from my garage and I was good to go.

This Husqvarna 28-cc, gasoline-powered string trimmer has a straight shaft and weighs 13.6 lbs. It uses dual .095-inch cutting lines.  The Husqvarna 128DJx is a really powerful device that can cover a full yard or weeds. It starts when you bump the tool onto the ground and contains easy to use trigger controls. The trimmer works well in all types of yards small, medium or large. It is a powerful light weight device that ensures almost everything is cleared within the minimum time.

Giving you more time for your beers, friends and family!

It is powerful enough to take on a yard full of unruly weeds with its burly two-cycle engine. It’s also reliable, using tested features such as a line feed that activates when you bump the tool on the ground, comfortable trigger controls and an assortment of landscaping attachments. Despite the machine’s raw power, the Husqvarna trimmer is also lighter than most gas weed whackers. In fact, its power in proportion to its weight is the most impressive in our lineup.


  • Detachable shaft: It has a detachable shaft that is easy to remove and attach. It also comes with other accessories that can be used in its place. This makes it more efficient to store and transport. The other accessories include a cleaner and other three accessories that I didn’t pay keen attention to. Which reminds me I have to go check them later lol.
  • Auto Return Stop Switch: Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting. You can also ap the ground with the shaft to switch it on. I also found this incredibly useful. I don’t have to spend much time starting the machine. It is almost ready to go!
  • Air Purge: Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting. This feature is vital as it enables the device to start almost immediately.
  • Multi Purpose: It has different accessories that can be used for different The shaft can be easily replaced by other Husqvarna tools such as DX edger No.EA850, DX Cultivator No.CA150, DX Pole Saw 43-Inch Boom No.PA1100, DX Pole Saw 4-Inch Boom No.PA110, DX Clean Sweep Broom No.SR600, DX Hedge trimmer 4-Inch Boom No.HA110 and DX Hedge trimmer 33-Inch Boom No.HA850.
  • Light weight: It is significantly less heavy when compared to other gas trimmers in the market. It weighs approximately 9 lbs which is an ok weight. A light trimmer is much easier to manoeuvre with across the weeds.
  • Dependable 28cc 2-Cycle Engine: It has a strong engine that is a 2 cycle 28cc. The engine uses gasoline to power up. It also has a strong braided wire cable drive.
  • Straight shaft: It has a straight shaft that enables the cutting of almost all types of weeds effortlessly. I was able to cut across long bushes in my yard without much of a strain.
  • Warranty: The machine comes with a great warranty plan of two years. If you however register your machine online, there will be an additional two years on your cover, making it a total of four years.


Series Name 322L
Best Size of lawn Up to 2 acres
Engine Displacement (Cu. Centimeters) 22.5
Engine Type 2-cycle engine
Fuel Type Gas/oil mix
2-Cycle Fuel Mix Ratio 50:1
Shaft Type Straight design
Cutting Swath (Inches) 18
Recommended Line Diameter (Inches) 0.095
Line Feed Bump type
Single or Dual Line Feed Dual feed
Electric Start Capable No
Spring-Assist Starting Yes
Edger Capable No
Engine Oil Included No
Weight (lbs.) 9
Attachment Compatible No
Package Contents Trimmer, oil, guard
UL Safety Listing Yes
CSA Safety Listing No
ETL Safety Listing No
Warranty 2-year limited


This string trimmer is quite easy to use. It comes with a manual guide book that is efficient for beginners in the lawn mowing. The first step in using this is the assembly. This involves connecting the little pieces that came with your package to complete the machinery. It will include fixing the loop handle,  trimmer guard and trimmer head which come as separate parts in the package.

The next step before using the machine is the fuel handling. Use a container to get the oil and gas mixtures done according to the guidelines in the manual. The machine uses unleaded gasoline mixture leaded corrodes the device. I prefer getting my mixtures done in a clear container for easy visibility.

Now to start the trimmer!

Press the machine air purge until fuel flows into the bulb fully. It is not however necessary to fill the bulb completely. Press the air purge repeatedly until fuel begins to fill the bulb. The bulb need not be completely filled. Set the choke in the choke position as indicated on the manual. Ensure the body of the machine is away from you and facing down. The next step is to grip the starter until you feel resistance from the chord. Then strongly and quickly pull it. The machine will go on. I personally find this process a bit hectic but with time one gets used to it. It is actually quite easier than other trimmers


The trimmer is suitable for anyone with a small to medium sized yard. Someone who is energetic and enjoys using machinery is a suitable person to own one. If you are not really interested in machinery and outdoor gardening activities, don’t buy it. It will probably just be a waste of money. Well that is just but my opinion!


I would rate this trimmer as follows based on my experience:







 Power: It has a rather strong engine that ensures a clean cut through weeds and thick bushes without hesitation.

 Durability: I already had a few problems with the device so I am not certain about the durability. I had to change the primer bulb and the locking nut within four months of using the machine. Hence I give it a ⅗.

 Performance: I was quite pleased with the work this machine can do. It cut through my lawn pretty well. You’d think I had a professional pay me a visit.

Ergonomics: The machine is well designed. It is easy to use and the manual guide clearly highlights warnings and safety precautions to take when using it. It is less likely to have any form of accident with the device unless you are rather careless and ignorant,

Value: With the quality of service the machine has so far given me, I believe it was value for my money. Though quite pricey this little device is a must for all garden homes.


Easy to handle. It bogs down on acceleration.
It is a powerful trimmer that cuts through almost all types of bushes. There are few authorised dealers available. Purchasing from dealers can be hectic especially if there are none near you.
It is fast and efficient. Unlike most trimmers usually that usually get stuck in bushes wasting a lot of time and effort, it is very efficient and strong. Similar to a cheaper brand called Poulan but has significant outstanding features to the latter mentioned.
It has spare parts easily available. Poor customer service from the main website. It takes time to get a response on queries posted.
The detachable shaft enables easy storage, cleaning and transportation of the machine. Quite pricey.
It has excellent balance which enables accurate trimming.
Low noise pollution.
High quality body and design.
It is made by an old company that has been operating for more than 30 years.
It is lightweight when compared to other machinery.
Has a great warranty protection plan that can run up to four years.
Starts easily with a maximum of two chokes.


Let your neighbours envy you as you maintain your grass lawn perfectly trimmed. This machine is definitely a great buy if you have a garden or a grass lawn in your home. It is easy to start and use: almost anyone can operate it. The lightweight aspect makes it easily portable and increases the efficiency in use. It definitely gets your yard work done faster as it won’t get stuck in the tough shrubs as other cheaper trimmers do.

I would personally recommend this machine to someone else,despite not being 100% satisfied due to the few glitches the device has. The price is definitely too high at $159 where other trimmers are available at $50 – $75. The parts I had to replace too were a definite thumbs down for me on the average rating of the machine.

All in all I still believe this machine is a must have for all gardens/lawns. It works efficiently and definitely makes life easier by providing easy solutions to clear weeds and unwanted shrubs in our gardens. On average my rating for the machine is ⅘. It is an addition to my collection that I don’t regret despite the hefty price tag that came attached with it. I have recently also purchased the Husqvarna lawn mower hoping to get the same quality service.

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