Husqvarna 323L – A Silent and Efficient String Trimmer!

I am a gardening contractor so for my work, I need a string trimmer that will provide me with the power that I need to carry out my work, as well as lasting long enough to complete large jobs at a time.  I invested in the Husqvarna 323L 24.5cc E-Tech 2-Cycle Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer With Smart Start because I have owned Husqvarna products before, and have always been impressed with their quality and craftsmanship.  The 323L is no exception.  It is very well made, and is targeted at both homeowners as well as those who make a living through gardening as I do.

Husqvarna 323LThere is a massive advantage to using a petrol trimmer, especially for the mobile contractor.  If I used a corded trimmer, I wouldn’t get very far at all!  I would need to borrow other people’s electricity connections, which can look incredibly unprofessional to clients.  There is also the risk of running the trimmer over the cord and slicing through it, rendering the trimmer useless.  Alternatively, I could have chosen a battery-powered trimmer but again I’m a bit stuck when it comes to the battery power.  Rarely does the power ever reach the strength that you need for the larger jobs, and if you are trimming a larger area, then you end up running out of battery power quickly.  Again, there’s the problem of where to plug in the charging unit for the trimmer.  Of course, I could carry around multiple charged batteries, but this is a very expensive workaround for the problem.  By using a gas-powered trimmer, I can access fuel from any filling station.  The oil can be purchased in most auto and DIY shops and of course, it is easy to carry around spare cans of fuel.  I can top up the trimmer whenever I need to and I don’t need to worry about running low on power because with the gas-powered trimmer when the gas runs out, the motor simply stops working.  The only warning that you will get when the Husqvarna 323L 24.5cc E-Tech 2-Cycle Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer With Smart Start begins to run out of fuel is that it will make a choking action and eventually will just stop working until you refill it again.

There is no assembly required with the 323L and you can be using it almost straight away.  It is lightweight and I have no trouble in using it to complete large lawn work.  The noise output on the Husqvarna 323L is very low so you won’t experience the ringing in your ears that you normally would with the cheaper models of a trimmer, and you will notice that there is hardly any vibration that passes through your hands when you are using it.

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