Toro 51346 – Good Electric String Trimmer For Small Gardens

I am not normally a fan of using electrical appliances and have always been happy to use the manual tools, but since I moved into a larger home, with a larger garden, I have found that I need to spend far more hours keeping my garden tidy.  My neighbor uses a corded string trimmer to keep their weeds cut back, and after having a go with their trimmer, I decided that I would try one of my own.

Toro 51346

The best price that I could find in my local DIY store was for the Toro 51346 15-Inch 4.4 amps Electric Trimmer and the assistant in the store told me that it is a popular model that sells well without anyone coming back with any faults.  As there is a decent warranty with this trimmer, I decided to choose this one.

When I took the trimmer out of its box for the first time, I noticed that there was a little assembly required.  That did not faze me, and I found it quite easy to assemble.  The trimmer works by holding onto a handle and squeezing a trigger to power it.  I was amazed that a trimming job that would have taken me most of the day only took me just under an hour to do.  I was also able to use the trimmer to do the edges of my pathway too.  I had to get a little help from my neighbor when I was first learning how to use it, but I soon got the hang of it.  I found that it was a little heavy to use, and the shaft of the trimmer vibrates, which travels up to the handle and ends up making you feel even more tired.  I still found it less tiring though, than having to do an entire day’s worth of weeding!  I struggled to replace the string spool when that ran out.  It requires a screwdriver and brute force to get it both out and then back in again.

The main drawback of the trimmer is the fact that it is corded.  I have never used a cordless one before and I imagine that they would not be as powerful as a corded trimmer, and that it would probably run out of power, but with the cord on the Toro 51346 15-Inch 4.4 amp Electric Trimmer, I have to use an extension lead to be able to trim the very back of my garden.  I don’t think this would be such a great buy for those who have huge areas of land, as it would require a long extension that would be impractical.  For the smaller gardens in domestic properties however, it is a robust trimmer that does the job.

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