WORX GT WG150.2-The Light String Trimmer

The WORX GT WG150.2 is one of the newest launches that has been made from the house of WORX power tools and it falls in the 18V cordless electric sections which means that no more problematic wires to tug along and trimming your lawn will now be pretty easy in comparison to what it would have been with a similar corded variety. It is really lightweight and is only around 14 pounds. This means that lugging it along is pretty easy and you will not get a backache trying to do so. Coming from the house of WORX, this product thus surely carries the trademark of one of the most reliable houses of power tools in the market and hence for the customers, it is more or less a sure choice that when they buy the WORX GT WG150.2 .

WORX GT WG150.2-The Light String TrimmerIn terms of the working, the mechanism is more or less similar to that of the others in the WORX GT series and it comes with the battery of 18V along with the one hour special charger which allows the battery to be refilled within an hour of charging. Other than that, the controls on this one is very smooth and it allows the users to easily change the mode of this machine from a trimmer to an edger in a matter of a press of a button. This is a very important thing as there are many other such trimmers who do not work well when they are being switched between edging and trimming. Furthermore the head on this device and the feed line which is there on the WORX GT WG150.2 has been carefully designed such that it does not cause any kind of damage to the flowers which may be there on the user’s lawn. Along with that, the rather ergonomically designed handle allows the users to take the liberty of having the device adjust to their height and not themselves having to adjust to the machine.

In terms of the reception from the customer, the WORX GT WG150.2 has got a pretty good response with the people not really finding much to fault in the design of this device. Everything down to how long the spools last on this machine has been recognized to be pretty good. This is fact as the WORX 18V trimmer does come with an extra long spool which does not take that long to refit. Furthermore, the weight of the machine means that the women who want to use this can do so, which was a little bit of a problem with the other similar machines which had to be lugged around and could not be stored in any place.

Positives of the WORX GT150.2

In terms of the positives, as we said, there is not enough that one can speak about this device. Right down to the design of the handle of this machine, the manufacturers have kept the interests of the users in mind.

The only downside of the WORX GT150.2
Probably the only downside of this strimmer is that the battery only lasts of just around forty five minutes. This creates a want among the customers for a spare battery which is otherwise pretty expensive.

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