The Trimmer Assist

The Trimmer Assist

This product is truly genius;  its so simple, yet so awesome that once you try this wonderful device, you could never go back to lugging your string trimmer around ever again.

Even though you may think this product is just another strap, you would be very wrong. The difference is the Trimmer Assist uses a specialized bungee system that provides a shock absorbing feature that is truly remarkable.

The bungee holds the weight of the string trimmer, yet does not bind you to the strap, as conventional trimmer straps do. You are able to reach out, back and forth, with full mobility. The bungee holds the weight the whole time. I just cant tell you how impressed I was with this product.

Even the shoulder pad is a quilted, 1 inch thick cushion that is so comfortable that you don’t even notice its on your shoulder at all. Usually a shoulder pad on a conventional strap is a hard piece of plastic that tends to dig into your shoulder and completely defeat the benefit of the strap.

I am really having a hard time finding the right words to express how brilliant this product is. It is the difference between night and day. The inventor says on his web site that the string trimmer will seem to defy gravity; and I can tell you from my own experience- that is exactly right.

My hat is off to this inventor and his product!

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Author: Alex Peking

The Trimmer Assist