WORX WG165 10-Inch 24-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric String Trimmer

Actually Stores Much More Charge And Gives More Working Time
The WORX WG165 24V Electric Cordless trimmer is one of the best in the cordless string trimmer section and gives the customers greater flexibility of function along with controls which allows them to make trimming their lawns a breeze. Available at a price of $129.99, it is pretty competitive and in comparison to the other alternates which are available in the market. It is really light and makes operating this device a breeze and can be carried around and stored pretty easily. On average, the customers have received this pretty well and the people actually are loving using this new string trimmer from WORX. Furthermore, this 24V string trimmer has the punch which is not there in a lot of prior models from this company and many others in the market.

This string trimmer comes with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery which means that the amount of work that you can get from one charge of the power pack is much longer as compared to the 18V versions which are also available at similar costs. Among the line of the cordless string trimmers, the WORX 24 Volt string trimmer gives one of the smoothest performances. Not only will you not have to deal with gas emissions but also not any amount of tagging long wires along. Therefore, there have not been many negative responses to this product.

In terms of the customer response, the WORX WG165 has been exemplarily good. In fact, the battery performance of this 24V version is far better in comparison to the 18V and actually stores much more charge and gives more working time. The performance as compared to a corded trimmer is far stronger and the people who have bought this device have been impressed pretty soon. Furthermore, when the customers have used this for trimming their lawns, the battery does not run out, which was the case with the previous battery pack string trimmers. Also, the switching between the edging and the trimming functions is far smoother as compared to the previous trimmers. Edging is something that all the customers of this trimmer have thoroughly enjoyed and there have been no hassles regarding this feature.

Pros of the WORX 24-Volt Cordless Trimmer

The WORX 24V cordless trimmer has many more pros in comparison to the negatives and hence this has grown to become one of the more popular trimmers which are available in the market. A strong pricing and a good set of features make this one a pretty good buy for the customers. The design for this trimmer is very well done as it allows the trimming to be done by the users very easily without having to bend their back and allowing them to grip this device easily.

Negatives of the WORX 24V Cordless Trimmer

In terms of the negatives, there are not many for this trimmer as the device is pretty good in its entirety with the services are given to the customers being top-notch. Probably the only place where they can improve is the warranty claim particulars being rather rigid.

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