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Best Black and Decker String Trimmer Weed Eater – The Best Cordless Trimmer

BLACK & DECKER is an American Corporation which manufactures home improvement products including power tools and their accessories. You’ve probably seen their products in stores since it has been around for quite a while for more than two centuries now. But what makes this brand special? With the user in mind, this company prides itself on producing only those innovative solutions that make life easier.

Passion drives the excellence you see in BLACK & DECKER brands. Superior quality is the name of the game considering that every product they introduce to the market is a stride ahead of others. They are synonymous with those tools that shape and reshape your landscape, handheld power tools for repair, and building essential items plus a line of other secure working tools. It all boils down to producing the right tool for the right job.

Brand Features

Among their notable products is the string trimmer. From corded to cordless, these tools cover every aspect of trimming with powerful tools. They do not use gas, so your home is free of carbon emissions. They are straightforward and quick to operate; by incorporating the latest technology like Power Drive Transmission System, Gear Drive, Automatic spool feeder, and dial spool feeding mechanism.

Every tool here doubles as trimmer and edger. You will not only complete trimming, but you’ll also top the finish with precise edges that bring forth the professional side of a garden. Seeing that they are handheld, you’ll be working with an easy to manage tool. The weight is small as well as the handles have excellent ergonomics where they are adjustable to work at different heights.

They are designed for moderate jobs since they do not use gas. The power is just right for the average homeowner.

You can check the top three Black and Decker String Trimmer sold on Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Worx String Trimmer Cordless GT3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Edger & Weed Trimmer (2 Batteries & Charger Included) WG163
  • [TRIMMER & EDGER 2-in-1] Easily converts from a string trimmer to an edger lawn tool in just seconds
  • [INSTANT LINE FEED] This grass trimmer has innovative push button Command Feed spool system for instant line feeding. Plus, Free Spools for Life
  • [HEAD TILTS 90°] So you can use string trimmer and edger on sloped terrain, and get to tough-to-reach places
  • [RUBBERIZED WHEELS] Support and guide the edger, giving you straighter lines and cleaner cuts
  • [SPACER GUARD] Adjustable, so you don't damage plants, landscape features, and lawn ornaments while you're using the lawn trimmer
Bestseller No. 2
BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer with Auto Feed, Electric, 6.5-Amp, 14-Inch (BESTA510)
  • Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) technology of the edger/trimmer eliminates bumping for hassle-free line feeding that helps you work without interruptions
  • The 6.5 amp motor and POWERDRIVE Transmission of the grass cutter provide maximum performance when trimming through the toughest weeds, grass, and overgrowth
  • 2-in-1 trimmer/edger with wheeled edge guide - just rotate to convert from lawn trimmer to wheeled edger
  • Lightweight design with adjustable handle and height positions provide maximum comfort and control
  • Cord retention system prevents accidental cord disconnection
SaleBestseller No. 3
10 Pack String Trimmer Replacement Spool Compatible with Black+Decker, 240ft 0.065" AF-100 Autofeed Replacement Spools - Compatible with Black+Decker String Trimmers(8-Line Spool + 2 Cap+2 Spring)
  • 👍Replacement Spools Models: ⭐AF-100, AF-100-3ZP, AF-100-BKP, AF-100-2⭐:Compatible with BLACK+DECKER Weed Eater GH400, GH500, GH600, GH610, GH900, GH912, ST6600, ST7000, ST7200, ST7700, ST7701, ST8600, ST9000, CST1000, CST1100, CST1200, CST2000, MTC220, MTE912, NST1018, NST1024, NST1118, NST1810, NST2018, NST2118, LST120, LST136, LST140, LST201, LST220, LST300, LST400, LST420, LST522, LST1018, LSTE523, LSTE525, BESTA510, BESTA512, BESTE620
  • 🧵 Automatic Feed Spool: Eventronic replacement spool for Black and Decker weed eater is easy to use , automatically feeds the trimmer by centrifugal force, reducing the tediousness of manually sorting out the replacement trimmer line spool during work.
  • 🔰Abrasion Resistant: Eventronic trimmer string for BLACK+DECKER weed eater is constructed with an upgraded nylon polyamide material that has a tensile strength of over 100 lbs and which is 30% more durable than other brands for longer life.
  • ✂Efficient Cutting: Eventronic Trimmer spool line for Black&Decker weed eater is pliable and flexible, allowing for the line to stretch and cushion on impact with hard surfaces, and increasing cutting efficiency by 50%, making each spool to cut more weeds.
  • 📞Professional Seller: As a professional brand, we have an excellent after-sales service team and and product quality warranty. Package contains 8 replacement spools for black and decker, 2 spool cap covers of RC100P, 2 spring.


1. BLACK+DECKER LCC222 20V MAX Lithium String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LCC222 20V MAX Lithium String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LCC222 is designed in a way so that you can do your work without much of a noise. All the pro features that you may look in a premium trimmer are available on it.

Regular users consider this string trimmer as a wise purchase for their work. You can also get some part of their benefits by having this BLACK+DECKER LCC222 at your side.


  • Sweeper Plus feature allows you to clean your sidewalks and garages with it
  • Lightweight and comfortable to work with
  • Automatic feed Spool give you some relief from bumping


  • Not so good at cutting wet grass

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2. BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 allows you to choose from more speed or more runtime. In just a click, you can advance your line. Besides, all the features of the top-quality trimmer are available on this BLACK+DECKER. 

Lightweight and balance of the machine will give you more control on hand. It has been accepted as an all-rounder trimmer by most of the regular users.


  • Micro-texture soft coating for better comfort
  • Height and handle can be adjusted according to your need
  • BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 is a 2 in 1 trimmer to wheeled edger


  • Thick cutting is not so perfect on it 

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3. BLACK-DECKER LSTE523 Li-On String Trimmer

BLACK-DECKER LSTE523 Li-On String Trimmer

BLACK-DECKER LSTE523 is a top-quality affordable string trimmer for your work. One-push button easy feed feature makes the work easier for you. Besides, speed can be set at two different moods according to your requirement.

BLACK-DECKER has a high satisfaction rate among the regular users. Consistency at performance and long-time service makes it one of the best string trimmers for your work. 


  • Convert the trimmer into wheeled edger without much of an afford
  • Dual control function for speed monitor
  • Push button control without any bumping


  • Slow trimming process is not appreciated by all

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4. BLACK&DECKER LST136W 13” 40V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

BLACK&DECKER LST136W string trimmerIf you are out there for the best tool to deal with thick weed or overgrowth, BLACK&DECKER LST136W got you covered. It is super lightweight thus comfortable to work with even for long hours. It is also very efficient and versatile and ideal for use by either pros or newbies. It is well-balanced thus easy to use by just anybody. And, you won’t even need to worry about maintenance because it is very minimal.

Efficient Working System

PowerCommand dial allows you to choose just the right amount of power you need for the type of job you are doing. Some cutting requires max power if they are too thick thus this feature helps you choose the right power to help you tackle them fast and efficiently. You can also select MAX runtime to increase the battery life.

PowerDrive Transmission serves three important purposes. One, it helps you trim grass in hard-to-reach areas when using other tools such as mowers. Two, it helps you maintain a neat edging along hard surfaces. Lastly, it offers greater cutting force thus helping you cut twice the amount of branches just once.

Super-convenient with high precision

First, this string trimmer is cordless thus you move freely as you cut. Second, its head rotates to 180-degrees thus making it easy to switch between edging and cutting. You don’t need to pause or access any buttons. Just turn the head, and you will switch from one mode to the other.

No Bumping Required

The LST136W string trimmer features an Automatic Feed Spoon System (AFS) that allows continuous working without bumping. This system dispenses more line using centrifugal force whenever needed making it more dependable and predictable thus no bumping.

Includes a rechargeable battery and Charger

First, don’t be shocked if your battery arrives uncharged. Shipping a charged lithium battery is illegal. Your string trimmer comes with the very best 40V MAX lithium battery for extended runtime, high power, and the versatility to share with other related tools. You can quickly remove the battery when you need to recharge it, and the required charger for this is included as well.


  • Gets the job done faster
  • Comes with a 40V MAX lithium battery thus long runtime, great power, and can be shared with other tools within the system
  • Features a PowerCommand dial to choose between MAX power and MAX runtime
  • Features (AFS) Automatic Feed Spoon to ensure continuous work without stopping/bumping
  • Designed for cutting efficiency plus cordless convenience


  • Might not be the best for really tough and time-consuming tasks as the best the battery can give is one hour when at MAX runtime

5. BLACK & DECKER LCC140 String Trimmer and Sweeper Kit 40V MAX Lithium Ion

BLACK & DECKER LCC140 String TrimmerIn the world of lawn grooming, a string trimmer is considered the icing on the cake of your lawn. You can blow all the leaves and use a good lawn mower, but still, your garden won’t be inviting until you have clean edges. The BLACK & DECKER LCC 140 gives you the best of two worlds. First, it comes with the sweeper, but that’s just some part of it because the trimmer converts into an edger for using on sidewalks.

High Torque; Even Cuts

Nothing beats the power that this tool exudes. Through the exclusive Power Drive Transmission exclusive to BLACK & DECKER, the motor spins the string at top speed to trim faster and much better. It is just like choosing between a sharp blade and a blunt one. The high spinning line cuts clean without leaving out some of the grass and weed overgrowths.

You’ll like it better with the Edger as it converts in seconds when you want to make that driveway sparkling. It can be held vertically to ease the trimming process when it is against a hard surface.

Hassle-Free Operation

With the 40V battery, you don’t have to hassle with mixing fuel and oil for the motor. In fact, it runs quietly and for longer with a runtime of around one hour. What’s more, you can extend the working time by selecting the Max power option when you want to handle thick weeds. It also has the option of extending the hours you work by choosing max runtime.

And, the machine has a small weight which serves you well to avoid any hand strains. The essence of this tool is to get the job done in your terms. Without pulling cords or fighting with a cable, this trimmer gets you to work on any part of the compound and then recharge the battery before the next use. It is even more convenient seeing that it has a battery level indicator.

Mechanized String Feeding System

Using a string trimmer can sometimes be clumsy when the tool does not feed the trimmer automatically. But this isn’t the case with the BLACK & DECKER LCC 140. It has a mechanism that advances the string automatically such that you don’t have to bump the cap to get the new string to the trimmer.


  • Runs quietly
  • It comes with a soft grip sweeper to extend your lawn manicuring capabilities
  • It uses a superior drive system for faster trimming
  • It can cut large areas in a shorter time thanks to the 13-inch string
  • Grips are rubberized to ensure a tight hold
  • Converts into an Edger to cover hard surfaces
  • The battery is consistent over the time you work, even when it indicates low power


  • The handle is said to be short for some users who prefer to be further away from the path they are cutting.

6. BLACK & DECKER 6.5Amp String Trimmer 14-Inch GH900 String Trimmer/Edger

BLACK & DECKER 6.5Amp String TrimmerYou can now cover large areas way faster with the BLACK & DECKER GH-900. With a 14-inch cutting swath capability, it is enough for all the grass gardens around your home. This tool comes with ergonomic handles where you can adjust the height to be in sync with yours. You don’t have to operate with a hunched back which can give you back strains. Besides, it bears just a small weight such as you achieve total control when using it.

Fast Trimmer to Edger Conversion

You’ll love working with the trimmer as it has an automatic feeding system. You’ll not stop to advance the string thus saving you time to complete other tasks around the home. With the 2-in-1 conversion system, all you have to do is rotate the wheel, and the tool systematically becomes an Edger. Isn’t it smart to have all your landscaping equipment in one?

Carries a Top Performing Motor

The motor is a high-performing feature as it utilizes 6.5Amp to cut through tough weed and grass. It is quicker and owing to the PowerDrive Transmission; the tool rarely jams because of clogging. In fact, it works continuously remitting the string and discharging the weed in continuous motions. This is the kind of tool that transforms chores into hobbies.

The only thing setback you have to put up with is the power cord. But this aspect comes with continuous runtime since you don’t have to recharge a battery to continue using the tool. After plugging in the machine is good to run. And, when you invest in power extension cords, you can cover a wider area than you could expect with just the available cable.

User-Friendly Design

The subtle size of this unit makes it essential for reaching out to the hard to reach places. If you have some overgrowth on walls and rocky areas, a mower will not get what you want. Instead, use this tool and reveal a clean compound. It is well-balanced since the motor is on top hence you will not have hand-balancing issues even when you work for extended periods.


  • It is perfect for modest yard cleanups
  • Enjoys an automatic feed system to provide continuous work
  • The handles are ergonomic such that anyone can work with it
  • It has simple operations for using the trimmer and edger
  • Generates high power for tough jobs


7. BLACK & DECKER LSTE525 Easy Feed 20V MAX Lithium String Trimmer/Edger

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525It’s hard not to see the allure that the BLACK & DECKER products have. This trimmer is perfect for small yards and when you want to complete small tasks fast and easy. It uses a 20V battery which generates enough power to trim moderately thick grass and weed. This trimmer is excellent for the average homeowner who doesn’t need to include the expenses of a professional landscaper.

Conveniently Accesses all the Hard-To-Get Areas

12 inches of the swath is what you get to trim with each pass. Since the unit is not designed to work as a lawnmower, you’ll find it easy on the hands as it carries just a little weight. It also runs quietly with minimum to no vibrations. It is just the perfect unit for accessing all the tight areas since it does not rely on a plugged-in cord to work.

The 20V battery along with the Power Drive Transmission makes the best combination when it comes to exuding high torque to propel the string at cutting edge speed. It delivers the full cutting power to the string such that you can be done even before the power gets low. The batteries are even more than enough when you have short grass to handle. Together with the power boost command, it makes it easy to extend the battery life so that it serves you for longer.

Smooth Spool Feeding Process

And, don’t worry about bumping the trimmer to feed the string; with the press of a button, you can work like a machine and bring that smart look from your garden. It is the best tool for reaching out to the hidden grass edges along flowerbeds. You can convert this trimmer to a wheeled edger in seconds so you can run it along paths and sidewalks with maximum precision.

Does your family love joining you as you take care of the flowers? Well, you don’t have to mind the height of the handle since you can adjust it to the level of your liking. Hence, you have a comfortable standing position without straining your hands or your back. Even better, it is furnished with a soft grip surface which is textured to prevent slipping even when working on wet grass.


  • Useful for small yard tasks
  • It comes at the most affordable price
  • Comes with two batteries to extend the runtime
  • It has a powerful drive transmission system to accelerate the working speed
  • Uses a simple feed system which helps in customizing the way you work


  • The Edger has one wheel, so it becomes a bit hard to balance and be accurate at the same time

8. BLACK & DECKER LCC300 String Trimmer and Sweeper Combo Kit

BLACK+DECKER LCC300Have the pleasure to work with two excellent tools to complete your lawn grooming tasks. The BLACK & DECKER LCC300 comes with a sweeper so that after you are done trimming the grass residues can be successfully blown away. You don’t have to carry along a broom to give your lawn the finishing touches it needs.

Batteries that Longer than Ordinaries

You always hope that the batteries last long enough to complete your job. Well, unlike when you are using a tool with NiCd batteries, this trimmer can last well, five times more. This tool is quite a steal. The Gear Drive Transmission system makes sure you will not need a break before the work is done. It helps to achieve constant work by not only increasing the spinning torque but also to ensure every cut is clean through preventing clogging of the intake and discharge.

I don’t know about you, but many people dislike the idea of stopping when you need to adjust the spool. That’s why this trimmer comes with an automatic feeder. It knows when the string has worn off and needs replacing with a new one. The beauty of it all is in the even cutting only achieved by the simple operations of this tool.

9. Versatile Usage from Trimmer to Edger

You get to maintain your yard in a snap by using this unit like an Edger. You may choose to taper the edges since with the 12-inches of the swatch you can cut vertically along the driveway and pavement edges. This way, the trimmer does not cut the side shorter than the mowed grass. And, don’t forget to use the sweeper to round everything up in a smooth finish.

Everyone and anyone can use this trimmer. You don’t need to look at manuals and step by step instructions to get it working. It comes with electronic dials for just about everything you need to control. The press of a button gets it running while it takes on the Edger in a simple process and not forgetting it comes with the guard which protects you from grass and weed flowing to your face.


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • The battery has a longer lifespan than ordinary NiCd batteries
  • Handle allows for comfortable operations
  • Perfect for light weeding
  • It’s a good deal for two pieces of equipment at an attractive price


  • The unit comes with one battery which cannot complete extensive work which needs long hours of battery life
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Landscaping enthusiasts will tell you that they can’t let anyone else handle their lawn trimming jobs. We believe this will be the case with you after using one of the tools above. BLACK & DECKER is iconic with the best products as such you can expect a product will deliver exactly on its properties. These are not fully functional mowers, but the services they give present must-have tools for every homeowner.

They have decent battery life and also exude great power for even trimming plus nice edging. They offer lots of benefits including saving you time and money. They are the best choices as some combine sweepers to deliver great results. We believe we have covered all the features that make these models unique to give you an easy time when picking a perfect string trimmer.

If you have worked with any of the models above, we highly welcome your input on your experience.

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