Echo String Trimmer Which Have Become Popular Because Of Their Suave Look And Durability

The echo band has its own line of String trimmers which have become popular because of their suave look and durability. They are used in everyday households as well as for commercial needs for landscape professionals to follow up after a lawn mower. It’s an absolutely essential thing in an arsenal of a person who wants to keep a clean beautiful lawn or a backyard. The echo trimmer cuts through tough grass, weeds and also thick grass at the roots of trees. The string trimmer has a rapidly rotating head to which strings are attached to cut the grass. The Echo string trimmer uses a high octane fuel gas (89) which is mixed at a ratio of 50:1 with two-stroke oil. The echo trimmer uses a nylon line to graze through the grass. The nylon is subjected to wear and tear with use and with time needs to be replaced. Trimming the yard using the Echo string trimmer is a walk in the park literally and figuratively. All one has to do is too adjust the front handle on the shaft of the string trimmer to a comfortable position. The head has to be moved to and fro so as to cut the grass. The process can be continued to the level of 2 to 3 inches above the ground.

The Echo string trimmer model is named as the Echo GT251 Gas string trimmer. It is extremely light weight and has high durability. The performance of the echo model is excellent and another unique feature of this model is the presence of the ergonomic controls. It has a suave and sleek design and has supercharged features that increase productivity. This model uses a 25.4 cc Power boost vortex Engine, which enables for greater fuel efficiency. It has an adjustable foam covered handle for more comfort and better maneuverability. It has a fixed head line which might make the changing of the string a bit of a problem. Another problem with the Echo string trimmer GT251 model is that it doesn’t have the best designed shaft. The angle of the curved shaft doesn’t provide for the most efficient trimming. But on the other hand the Echo model is one of the most comfortable and noiseless trimming devices. It also has an efficient shock absorbing mechanism which takes in the vibrations and allows for a comfortable trimming task. The Echo models generally come in with a 5 year warranty.

Other than the Echo GT251 model there are other Echo models that are doing more or less the same work. Echo has brought other such line of models since they are for more specific commercial purposes. There are basically two types of these Echo models. One is with the curved shafts. The models are namely GT 200R and GT 200i. Also in the same line of designing is the Echo GT 225 and Echo GT 225i. Other models are designed with a straight shaft and are named as SRM 225, SRM 225i, SRM 230, SRM 230 etc.