Homelite String Trimmer Designed To Be Extremely Lightweight

If you are intending to be a gardening fanatic and one of those people who take great pride in maintaining a beautiful backyard then it’s a must that you have Homelite’s String trimmer in your inventory. This trimmer is a gas powered weed eater. They appear very simple in design. It has a long pole with a rotor at one of its ends which rotates at a high speed. It is made to do so with the help of a nylon wire. They are designed to be extremely lightweight so as its very easy for anyone to move it around the grass. The advantages of these gas powered weed trimmers like that of the Homelite sting trimmer is that they can easily be used not only to clear weeds but also to cut tall grass. They enable to keep the edges of the lawn clean and in shape. These are absolutely useful when it comes to removing weeds where a lawn mower can’t work, like for example near the roots of a tree. One more advantage being that it’s not operated on electricity but gas. This enables free movement without chords.

The Homelite string trimmer has the following features. This trimmer as mentioned earlier is quire light weight at 4.14kg or 9 to 14 pounds. The cutting swath of this model is at 17 inches or 432 mm. This model works on gas engine of 22cc fuel space. It’s powered by a 2-cycle engine and requires a pre mixing gasoline and 2 cycle oil. The fuel that is recommended for operation on the Homelite trimmer is the unleaded gasoline used also for automotives.  The string is made of nylon whose diameter is of 080 inches or 2.0 mm. The Homelite starting procedure is quite simple. All it requires is to put the choke lever on the run position and then hold the trigger to pull the starter rope. If the engine is sufficiently warm the engine will start after one or two trails. As for stopping, you have to just press and hold onto the stop button. The few things you need to keep in mind are that this device needs maintenance of a few of its parts. The string of these instruments undergoes a lot of stress and hence needs replacement. Similarly other parts such as exhaust port and the muffler need cleaning. Sometimes the air filter, fuel cap or the spark plug needs replacement also. Proper maintenance increases the durability of these Homelite models to a great extent.

There are a few models that are similar to this Homelite string trimmer. They also perform the same functioning with a few minor alterations to fit more specific requirements. The Homelite also features a few other models. For example the Homelite VersaTool strings trimmer 6163 or the Homelite Mightylite String Trimmer 6103. Homelite also provides its users with other more sleek models such as the Homelite Electric Straight Shaft of thirteen inches or the Homelite String Head Assembly HL 095HA.