Honda String Trimmers – Extremely Efficient And Yet Simple Technology To Run Their Trimmers

The Honda trimmers are highly reputed across the globe. Honda being a world famous brand they came up with extremely efficient and yet simple technology to run their trimmers.  The small household purpose Honda string trimmer is a efficient and durable device. It can also fulfill light to medium commercial lawn trimming duties. The Honda HHT25SLTA is the one of the best low weight strong trimmer that money can buy. They provide ample power and sufficient torque that can meet up to fluctuating loads and peak loads. The Honda’s mini 4 stroke technology doesn’t allow the stalling of the engine. The GX25 25 cc engine works even in the thickest most notorious grass and weeds. Not only does the Honda models perform smooth trimming operations but also fits well into the user’s brushcutting needs. They are the best solutions for heavy duty trimming and brush removal. The basic model for Honda string trimmer is that of the UMK431 but its being replaced by the HHT31S version. This one has added features of a new debris deflector shield. The Honda string trimmers are extremely low noise devices with low vibration levels. The Honda models are available in either the normal loop handle design or the new bicycle styled design.

The Honda string trimmers use the four stroke engines. The advantage of using such an engine is that it’s quite fuel efficient and gives out low smoke along with low odor. The 4-stroke provides for higher torque generations while giving much smoother performances. The best part about the Honda string trimmers is that they are very easy to start. As they work on four stroke these are much more fuel efficient than their 2 stroke string trimmers. Honda allows for many tasks to be performed at partial throttle which further increases fuel efficiency. The best feature about the Honda string trimmer is that it has a flex shaft design that provides a lighter and stronger shaft. This kind of model provides durability while maintaining flexibility.  The design provides for all these benefits without increasing the operation fatigue or the vibrations.

The other products that are somewhat related to the same brand are listed here. The Honda HHT25SLTAT is a model that works similar to the trimmer mentioned above. This is a Honda 25 cc mini stroke engine. It’s has less power output potential than that of the above mentioned one. It also runs on straight unleaded gas with have no mixing done. This has a 17 inch Semi-matic (bump feed) head provided with Quiet Line. It has durable flex shaft and is quite lightweight as it weighs only 13 pounds. Similar to the last model is the Honda HHT35SLTAT. This is a 35 cc mini 4 stroke engines. All other features remaining same this one provides with higher torque and also provides with better acceleration.  The HHT35SUKAT is another model that runs on 35cc 4-stroke engine and has bicycle type handles. The difference with this one is that it uses a manual feed handle and a 10 inch brush blade.