Husqvarna String Trimmer – The Husqvarna String Trimmer is a unique creation in the field of String Trimmers and comes with the reliability

Today technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, and instruments are being developed every day to make the smallest and most mundane chores easier. A string trimmer is one such device. Is your front yard unkempt? Have you been trying to squeeze in time to mow them? And does the mere thought of the task make you weary? If your answer to all these questions is a yes, then a string trimmer is just the device you need. It is a hand-held device that, with the help of an internal ignition engine and blades revolving at high speed around a long axel, cuts away grass in a matter of minutes without you having to fret much over it.

The Husqvarna String Trimmer is a unique creation in the field of String Trimmers and comes with reliability. The Husqvarna String Trimmer is easy to start, comfortable to use, causes minimum vibrations. It is unusually inexpensive, durable, and all in all, a great buy. The Husqvarna String Trimmer is available in both types- the two and the four-cycle. They are available in different models and are fully equipped to turn your wilderness clad front yard into a rolling lawn. It is a great product and can eat away weed and other smaller, less needed shrubs in a matter of seconds, and your garden will be as fresh and exquisite as any. It is prevalent owing to its easy to use handy nature and cost affectivity and output work efficiency. In lawn maintenance terms, these bad boys are way out of the league of other lesser-known products of mediocre quality that are weaker built compared to these highly durable products and, in comparison, higher charged in their costs.

You can check the top three Husqvarna String Trimmer sold on Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Husqvarna 639005102 string trimmer line .095-Inch 140ft spool Titanium Force, 095" x 140', Silver
  • Includes one Husqvarna Titanium Force 140-Foot String Trimmer Line compatible with all standard string trimmer heads
  • Made For Durability: Round, dimpled, co-extruded weed eater line is made of a commercial-grade polymer for maximum durability, cutting performance and energy efficiency
  • Precision Manufacturing: Husqvarna weed eater string has an undulated surface for quiet operation and precise cutting
  • Low Noise: The patented design on this weed whacker string reduces the noise level by 50%, which gives a better working environment
  • Quality Engineering: Manufactured in the USA, these Husqvarna string trimmer accessories provide great resistance to abrasion and reduced breakage with co-polymer engineered resins that improve durability while maintaining flexibility
Bestseller No. 2
Worx GT Revolution 20V 12" String Trimmer Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower, WG170.2
  • [3-TOOLS-IN-1] Easily transforms from a precision string trimmer, into a powerful in-line wheeled edger, into a nimble mini-mower.Speed : 7600 RPM
  • [AUTOMATIC FRESH LINE] Proprietary Command Feed tech of the grass trimmer lets you add more line as needed, just by pushing a button, so you don’t have to stop and can get the job done quicker
  • [FIND YOUR POSITION] 7 handle adjustments and 6 rotating head settings make the string trimmers comfortable and flexible, you can use all day and in many hard to reach places
  • [LONGER and STRONGER] An entire foot longer than the last version of the WORX lawn trimmer, with a motor running at 7600 revolutions per min, so you can find the right length, then power through your chores
  • [SUPPORT WHEELS] Twin rubberized wheels of the lawn edger make for straighter edging and easier mini-mowing. You’ll get professional-looking results with the extra balance
SaleBestseller No. 3
Worx String Trimmer Cordless & Edger 20V 10" - 12" Weed Trimmer PowerShare (Battery & Charger Included) WG154
  • [2-IN-1] Don't buy a separate string trimmer and edger lawn tool. Get this 2-in-1 and save time, money, and space in the garage
  • [ROTATING HEAD] It easily switches between grass trimmer and lawn edger: just grasp the head, pull is away from the shaft and turn it 180
  • [SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT] At only 4.2 lbs (3.2 lbs without the battery) this lightweight and compact weed trimmer and grass edger is made for everyone
  • [AUTO-FEED LINE] Just press the button on the string trimmers when you need more line. The completely automatic system makes sure you have fresh string when you need it
  • [FLOWER GUARD] The adjustable spacer guard of lawn trimmer prevents accidental trimming of plants, lawn decorations, and other sensitive areas of your yard

More Reviews

1. Husqvarna Battery Straight Shaft String Trimmer 115iL

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This trimmer does a perfect job on your yard. With its brushless electric motor, you are guaranteed of a high power supply and durability. The save mode helps you work efficiently and maximizing the run time.

The 14-inches cutting swath helps you cut a full area in less time. Another great feature is that it has less noise and air pollution.


  • Lightweight;
  • Easy and comfortable to use;
  • Battery charges fast;
  • Energy saver mode helps maximize run time;
  • Adjustable telescoping ;
  • Less noise and air pollution.


  • Trimmer’s head needs to be replaced at least once a year.

User View

No need to worry about those more robust grass or weeds anymore. Husqvarna Battery Straight Shaft String Trimmer is perfect for trimming all areas in your yard. It is lighter, comfortable to use, more durable, and long-lasting. It will serve you right.

2. Husqvarna 129LK 17″ Cutting Path, Attachment Capable Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 129LK 17" Cutting Path, Attachment Capable Gas String Trimmer

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This is a powerful and easy tool to use. It cuts through overgrown grass with ease. The smart starter technology reduces resistance by 40% and helps the engine to start and run smoothly. The straight shaft helps you to cut through hard to reach spots.

Its unique detachable head makes it easy to store and transport without causing any damage to the trimmer. 

With its five attachments (edger, blower, cultivator, hedge trimmer & pole saw), you are sure to do multiple tasks in your yard at ago.


  • Easy to assemble;
  • Plenty of power; 
  • Suitable for cutting tall weeds;
  • Relatively easy to assemble;
  • The line is easy to install and feed smoothly;
  • Suitable for commercial use.


  • This model has a few attachments.

User views

Its ability to accept attachments makes it a superior system. It is relatively light, produces excellent power, less noisy, and engines run smoothly and durable.

The thick splined drive cable, steel gearbox, and a sturdy handle make it easy to turn it from one attachment to the other. You will love it.

3. Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 128LD 17" Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

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This trimmer features a powerful 28 cubic capacity, a 2-cycle engine. It can reach high and out-of-the-way areas thanks to its 17-inch cutting width. It is performance-oriented and an all-purpose garden tool that can be used for an excellent all household trimming jobs. Its unique Smart Start system ensures a fast and powerful startup with little recoil and vibration.


  • It is performance-oriented.
  • All-purpose-Trimming and mowing agent.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.


  • Requires careful assembly before use.

User view

This is an excellent machine. It starts up with ease and has plenty of power. You can do a bunch of different activities with it. If you need a good weed wacker, this is the ideal tool for you.

4. Husqvarna 129C 17″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 129C 17" Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

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When you need a robust & secure to use tool to tackle the grass & weeds in your yard, Husqvarna 129C 17 inches Gas String Trimmer is the best. The quick-start technology feature makes it easy to start the engine by providing up to 40% cord resistance. With its curved shaft, it will help you work with comfort and for a more extended period.


  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to start and use;
  • Runs quietly and smoothly; 
  • Produces low vibrations;
  • curved shaft design for greater comfort;
  • Quickly release New trimmer line as you work
  • Translucent fuel tank for monitoring your fuel levels as you work.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty

User view

 If you are looking for a powerful tool that cuts through grass and weeds with ease and the shortest time look no further, you just landed on the right one.

5. Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18” Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18” Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

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The tough yard work will become fun when you have the best Husqvarna 324L at your side. Beginners will find it easy to use and can complete your work in a quick sensation.

Even if you have tall grasses at your yard, you will find it very easy to work with. Most of the regular users are very satisfied with the quality of the service.


  • Powerful 25cc 4-cycle engine comes with the trimmer
  • This trimmer can run with unleaded gas
  • Tap ‘N Go line release feature will come handy from time to time


  • Aftermarket attachment will not work fine on this trimmer

Your work can be done so quickly, and in so little time with the help of one of these that mowing your lawn will never again give you sleepless nights. How many times have you dreaded being left red-faced in front of your guests because your lawn was unkempt or how many times have you looked out of your windows and couldn’t see that impeccably kept flowerbed of your dreams? Well, those days are over for you if you have a Husqvarna String Trimmer with you. Now in a matter of minutes, the lawn of your dreams will become a reality.

All in all, the Husqvarna  String Trimmers is the best and most efficient string trimmer available in the market and is not much expensive than the other String Trimmers available. A Husqvarna String Trimmer is worth every penny you spend on it. So if you want your lawn to be your pride with minimal effort and if you want the best output for your investment, then look no further than a Husqvarna String Trimmer for your lawn. It is a well-known fact that the first impression lasts longer than the rest. And the first impression is directly implemented employing your garden. It can either be tame and well nurtured and manicured into lovely shape, or it can be a messy wilderness working against your reputation. It comes down to a matter of choice alone. As you deserve the best, get yourself a Husqvarna String Trimmer and unlock the doors to a peaceful life.

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