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Best Poulan Pro String Trimmer & Weed Eater Reveiws

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There are many different string trimmers that you can purchase. For example, if you are keen to provide a reliable machine that will help you enhance gardening projects and landscapes, it is always better to choose Poulan string trimmer. It contains a great deal of machinery that will cut away long weeds, grass, and other debris. Most string trimmers can easily cut grass from different areas that ordinary lawn mowers cannot reach. So you have to understand how to differentiate string trimmers by weight, size, and shape.

Most string trimmers have the same design. They are modified in order to have a monofilament line that is attached to a rotating cylinder. The cylinder spins because of the combustion engine. This is all philosophy that you should know. We decided to present you best Poulan string trimmers that you can use for your backyard without any additional problem.

Poulan String Trimmer Features

Poulan string trimmers have a long tradition with more than 70 years of experience. It first started in Louisiana 70 years ago, and since then they created many models that became an indispensable part for most homeowners. Their main idea is to provide efficient, hardworking and lightweight Poulan string trimmers that will help you eliminate and revitalize your lawn, no matter the size.

The company grew steadily, and since then they have launched both durable and lightweight trimmers and saws that made an impact for the technology of today’s trimmers. The reason why people choose to buy Poulan string trimmer is a combination of efficiency and affordability.

There are gas-powered and battery-powered trimmers that you can choose from Poulan string trimmer website, however, both of them are made for heavy-duty work. They ensure you that everything will be handled in a matter of minutes, because of the long-lasting history of making perfect machines.

  1. Poulan Pro PPB40T (967038901) 40V Bump Feed 080 String Trimmer, 14″

Poulan Pro 967038901 40V Bump Feed 080 String TrimmerThis particular Poulan string trimmer contains numerous features that will give you the possibility to trim your lawn without any additional problem. It contains Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and delivers performance similar like gas-powered trimmers, however, without any cords, noise, and fumes. When you decide to purchase this particular string trimmer you will get the combination of the high-efficiency brushless motor with low vibration cutting for more comfort. It is ideal if you have small and up to medium sized backyard. You will be able to enjoy all the way with its unbelievable features. It doesn’t contain any dangerous and harmful emissions that could damage the environment. That means that you can use it in states where it is forbidden to use lawn mowers and string trimmers that have high emission rate, such as California.

When we talk about quietness, when we compare it with gas-powered string trimmers, we can say that it won’t provide you any frustrating sound that could disturb you and everyone around. It contains brushless motor with increased torque for better and quieter operations.  With 40 Volt batteries, you will gain a combination of performance, power, and greater runtime than any other string trimmers. You don’t have to mix oil and fuel. It is a great and cordless convenience that contains fade-free power in order to provide you perfect comfort during your trimming hours.

It comes with instant push-button for a start which means that you don’t have to use any annoying pull-cord. That is much convenient because you will be able to work without any difficulties. It is specifically designed to provide you a combination of great control and comfort.


  • Motor is efficient and eco-friendly
  • It is quiet and provide less vibration for additional comfort
  • 40V Lithium-Ion battery will give you performance similar as gas-powered trimmers


  • It is heavier than other similar Poulan string trimmers

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  1. Poulan Pro PR25CD (967105401) 25cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Curved Shaft Trimmer

Poulan Pro 967105401 25cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Curved Shaft TrimmerIf you look for reliable and great mower and string trimmer that will provide you perfect performance in combination with comfort, this is great Poulan string trimmer for you. It contains 140cc gas Briggs and Stratton engine that will work for years after you buy it. It is important to mention that it contains five different heights in which you can cut weeds and make landscapes on your lawn. That is a great feature if you consider the price that you have to pay. When compared with other string trimmers and mowers, you will be able to get only two to four settings. You can adjust the height by changing levers and there are different levers for each wheel. This is far more convenient than having one lever for all heights.

This great Poulan string trimmer has a pull start feature. You just have to push the button and wait for few seconds. The engine will start in no time. It is important to say that handles don’t have the option for adjustment; however, there are two selections for the angle. That is more convenient for taller and shorter people. It contains large rear wheels which make it easier to trim and mow on inclines and rough terrain. You have to understand that this particular trimmer and mower, comes with mulcher that is attached and you can close it if you don’t want to use it. It works fantastic for mulching leaves.


  • It contains five heights that you can adjust with lever for each height
  • You can start it with one push of the button
  • It contains built in mulcher that is perfect for leaves


  • There is no option for handles adjustment

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  1. Poulan PR25SD Pro Trimmer Straight 25cc 2 Cycle, 17″

Poulan PR25SD Pro TrimmerThere are many different Poulan string trimmers that you can choose for your backyard. This particular one is made do deal with medium to heavy duty trimming which is more convenient for commercial purposes. It contains 25cc 2-cycle engine with a SureFire system that will give you the possibility to start it up in a matter of seconds. With 17’’ cutting width you will be able to finish your job faster and more efficient. It contains dual exit fixed line with the straight shaft so that you could reach any area that you want. It is specifically made for homeowners with bigger lawns because it contains great engine capabilities.

The engine is made with emission reduction feature, which is convenient if you have in mind state regulations that limit your use of gas-powered trimmers. The reason for that are harmful emissions that are the damaging environment. It contains one of the most powerful engines on the market and it comes with the possibility to finish all heavy duty trim work without any additional problem. However, as many gas-powered Poulan string trimmers, you will have to engage with vibration so it is advised to buy anti-vibration gloves while using it. Vibration could cause many different issues and if you plan on using it longer than expected, gloves must be an indispensable part of your accessories. You have to also understand that it is not as quiet as battery-powered trimmers and that is the reason why you should wear ear plug protection just in case.


  • It is perfect for heavy-duty trimming jobs
  • It contains 17’’ cutting width
  • Engine has emission reduction feature so that you can use it in states where there is an environment regulation


  • You have to use anti-vibration gloves for additional comfort
  • Don’t start it up without earplug protection because it is not that quiet

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  1. Poulan PR25BC Pro Trimmer/Brush Cutter Gas 25Cc

Poulan PR25BC Pro TrimmerThis great string trimmer is a combination of brushcutter and trimmer, which is far better for your yard jobs. It contains reliable engine with a 25cc 2-cycle gas engine that contains immediate start system so that you could turn it on in a matter of seconds. It is particularly designed in order to reach demanding and commercial jobs. It could trim and clear away any thick and tall grass and bush, which could be too demanding for the ordinary trimmer. It is equipped with 8’’ brush cutter blade and Tag’N Go trimmer head. If you want to split boom shaft you can easily attach Pro-Link in order to transform it into a multi-functional machine that will keep your yard beautiful. You can install additional attachments such as brush cutter, blower, pole pruner, edger, cultivator, however you have to buy it separately.

It comes with 2-cycle straight shaft and spring assisted start for convenient starting. It is specifically made for commercial purposes or larger lawns for homeowners. It comes with different height adjustment that you can change through levers for each height. That is a great feature because you can make great landscapes and reach areas that you cannot with an ordinary Poulan string trimmer. Engine comes with economic fuel delivery system with emission filter so that you could use it in states where it is limited. When we talk about vibration and noise that is something that you have to get used to. That means, that we advise you to wear anti-vibration gloves and ear protection plugs so that you could be protected.


  • It is specifically made for bigger lawns and heavy-duty work
  • It comes with different height adjustments that you can change through levers for each height
  • It is equipped with 8’’ brush cutter blade and you can transform it easily into brush cutter, blower and much more.


  • It is loud, so you have to use ear protection

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  1. Poulan Pro PR28CD (967105601) 28cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Curved Shaft Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR28CD 967105601 28cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Curved Shaft TrimmerFor more than 70 years, Poulan Pro has produced a large number of garden products and lawn trimmers for homeowners and in commercial purposes. This particular Poulan string trimmer is one of the latest pieces of equipment that you can purchase and that will provide you perfect user experience. It contains great design features and it is compatible with wide range of attachments and accessories. It is easy to use because it contains 28cc, 4-cycle engine, that doesn’t require a mix of gas and oil like other 2-cycle engines. That means that you can use pure gasoline in order to set it on.

It comes with a bump-feed mechanism so you can tap it on the ground. It contains 17’’ cutting width and that is perfect to clear your yard efficient and in a timely manner. It contains also debris shield that will protect you from bits of weeds and grass during trimming hours, however, it is still recommended to use safety goggles. Handling is comfortable because it contains a trigger control, easy start pull cord, and adjustable handle. However, it doesn’t have anti-vibration features that will help you reduce stress on muscles.

It is designed to work with Pro-Link attachments. You can find these attachments in order to finish other lawn tasks such as trimming hedges, cultivating flower gardens, edging, blowing leaves off the sidewalk, and much more. You will get it with shoulder strap. It comes with 2-year warranty and that protects driveshaft. If you have any issues, you just have to call nearby service center.


  • It contains powerful 4-cycle engine where you don’t have to mix gas and oil like on 2-cycle engines
  • It contains comfortable trigger control and adjustable handle
  • It is compatible with wide range of accessories and attachments


  • It doesn’t contain anti-vibration features

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Even though the shopping for Poulan string trimmer could be enjoyable, it is very difficult to find the one that will be perfect for you. For that kind of understanding, you must have all relevant information that will help you determine differences between various products. You cannot reach the comparison mode if you don’t read this article that we have provided you. The idea of buying Poulan string trimmers is that you will get a combination of strength and efficiency. Most of them are made for medium and heavy-duty jobs, which mean that you can use it for all kinds of lawns and backyards.

You can buy battery-powered Poulan string trimmer that will give you the possibility to enjoy in less vibration, less noise, however, it is more expensive than other ones. The reason for that is the popularity of emission-free trimmers that don’t have the bad impact on the environment. If you want to purchase trimmers that will provide you a combination of efficiency and comfort, it is about time to choose Poulan string trimmer for your everyday use.

update 2017.7.12


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