Stihl, There is no equal

In 1986 I decided to buy a straight shaft string trimmer. I decided on a Stihl FS66 trimmer because of the good things I heard about stihl. It is now 2011, and my trimmer is now 25 years old. This is going to be hard to believe, but last year I decided to change the spark plug. Thats it folks. The spark plug, 25 years, and believe it or not, the original one was still working. When I first bought the trimmer it was not cheap, as I recall it went for right around $300. But when you divide that 300 dollars by 25 it comes to 12 dollars a year, and it is showing no sign of giving up the ghost. This is incredible for a tool that really sees a lot of use in the summer months, and then gets put away and not used for about 7 months.

You will never be sorry for buying a high quality piece of equipment, but you will be sorry every time you have to use a cheap POS.

The one thing that I do recommend is to always use good oil in your oil/gas mix, and change it every year if you don’t use a lot. I use a one gallon dedicated can and stihl oil. This way you are always working with fresh fuel.

Stihl = Bullet Proof