Swisher String Trimmer

Best Swisher String Trimmer Reviews – Perfect Blend Of Design And Functionality

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You can purchase many different string trimmers; however, before you decide to do that you have to understand what kind of string trimmer you need. That is the reason why we decided to present your best Swisher string trimmer. There are many information and features that you have to know about string trimmers. Everything has to be transparent because that is the only way you can determine which one is perfect for your needs. Swisher string trimmer contains many different features and most of them are made with a gas-powered engine. The latest models contain 4-cylinder engines where you don’t have to mix oil with gas in order to start it on, which is far more convenient.

We decided to present you which Swisher string trimmer is the best for you. It doesn’t matter if it is handheld or walks behind string trimmer because most of them function in the same way. However, walk behind string trimmers are great for inexperienced homeowners because it is much convenient for those with back problems.

Swisher string trimmer – Features

Swisher string trimmers are indispensable for every homeowner in the last century. There are many different gardening tools that were made by this particular company and if we compare it to other manufacturers, we can say that most of these trimmers are affordable, efficient and easy to use.

There are many people from all over the world that are satisfied with this great manufacturer, however, before you decide to purchase Swisher string trimmer, you have to be informed about its features and capabilities.

The latest models that we are going to include in this article are made with efficient engines that contain emission filters which mean that they are environment-friendly. Most of them are powerful enough to use them for heavy duty work; however, they are specifically made for medium-sized lawns.

Ergonomic design along with lightweight is another important feature that makes them popular among house owners. It is perfectly made to reduce the back pain that you will get by using hand-held string trimmers.

1. Swisher STS67522BS 22″ Trim-N-Mow Plus String Trimmer

Swisher STS67522BS 22 Trim-N-Mow Plus String TrimmerThis particular Swisher string trimmer contains great features that are capable of making your lawn beautiful and revitalized. It comes with increased torque, which makes it quieter and therefore more comfortable for using. It is one of the best string trimmers that you can buy for its price tag. It comes with sturdy engine and 14’’ wheel diameter that is far convenient to use. When we say that it has 22’’ cutting swath that means that it is far more efficient than other similar string trimmers it is specifically made to provide you comfort because of ergonomic design that will alleviate the back ache.

Its design is far better than any other string trimmer on the market. It will make your job done efficiently with 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine and great cutting line. The engine contains immediate start feature with Ready Start technology that will help you use it for jobs that you have to finish in a timely manner. It eliminates the possibility to prime it before starting. You don’t have to change the oil before starting it because it contains automatic oil feature. That means that you should add oil only when it is necessary.  It comes with eight cutting lines and four strings for more efficient cutting and trimming. The cutting head could be adjusted between 1.5-4 inches. Trimmer’s head doesn’t have to be maintained frequently like other Swisher string trimmer. You can easily replace any part without using additional tools. It is perfectly made for rough terrain because of 13.75’’ wheels.


  • It comes with increased torque and it is made with ergonomic design for additional comfort
  • Engine is compatible to work without frequent oil change
  • It comes with four strings and eight cutting lines


  • It could be difficult to push it after a while

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2. Swisher 4.4HP Honda Self Propelled String Trimmer, Black

Swisher 4.4HP Honda Self Propelled String TrimmerThis particular self-propelled Swisher string trimmer is perfect for a back-saving alternative to heavy and difficult handheld gas-powered trimmers. It comes with 4.4. HP Honda Engine which is perfect for medium and heavy duty work. It contains additional feature for emission filter. That means that you can use it in states where it is limited to use gas-powered string trimmers. It contains 22’’ cutting swath, which makes it far more efficient than other trimmers that you can buy for the similar price. Compared to other string trimmers, it comes with user-friendly design and precise trimming performance.

Trimmer’s head contains eight effective cutting lines and four strings and it gives you the possibility to adjust height from 1.5-3.5’’. Engine comes with automatic button turning on, which is far more convenient than using traditional ones. You will be able to disengage and engage the trimmer head while the engine is running. It comes with 13.75’’ wheels for smooth rolling and clearance over rough terrain. You can easily maintain it without using any additional tools. It comes with great comfort because of ergonomic design. However, it still provides too much noise and you must wear earplug protection. It doesn’t have anti-vibration features, so it is recommended to use anti-vibration gloves for better protection. That is recommended because vibration could cause muscle strain and fatigue.


  • It is convenient if you have back problems
  • It comes with great engine that is perfect for heavy-duty work
  • With 22’ cutting swatch you will enjoy using it
  • You can turn it on with a single button


  • It is not as quiet as battery-powered trimmers so you have to use ear protection plugs
  • It doesn’t have anti-vibration feature

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3. Swisher ST65022DXQ Trim Max 6.5 HP Trimmer Mower

Swisher ST65022DXQ Trim Max 6.5 HP Trimmer MowerWhen you decide to purchase this Swisher string trimmer, you have to understand that it is perfect for reducing back stress, unlike the hand-held string trimmers. However, it still provides an effective amount of power for edges and thick weeds and bushes. It is equipped with 6 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, along with Trim Max maneuver feature that will help you manicure lawn and make different landscapes. It comes with sharp steel blades and it uses 0.155’’ of cutting line for increased safety. It cuts a 22’’ swath and it will automatically turn off when you stop using it in order to save fuel. The design is made powder coat paint along with metal parts for better durability.

Trimmer’s head is located on left side of mower that has 14’’ wheels that make it perfect to maneuver in rougher terrain and to get better clearance. It is equipped with clustering’s that prevent debris through a guard that is sealed onto the rear. The Trim Max has an easy care where all bearings are sealed, which means that there is no need for lubrication. If you want to maintain the head you don’t have to use any tools. It runs on unleaded gasoline without mixing with oil.

It is perfect for overgrown weeds and motor is efficient enough to give you the possibility to walk steadily and enjoy during your cutting hours. It is lightweight and even though wheels are plastic, the design is durable and great.


  • It comes with engine that is perfect for medium sized backyard trimming
  • 14’’ wheels make it great to maneuver through rough terrain
  • You don’t need to mix oil and gas
  • It is quite affordable when compared with other Swisher string trimmers
  • It is lightweight


  • Wheels are made of plastic

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4. Trim Max 22″ 4.4 HP Honda Deluxe String Trimmer STD4422HO

Swisher 4.4HP Honda Deluxe String TrimmerWhen you decide to purchase Swisher string trimmer, you have to find durable and efficient one that will help you finish your backyard jobs in a timely manner. This particular one comes with a great and professional design which makes it durable for many years. It comes with 2-years warranty, which means that you don’t have to be afraid of changing it every year. Honda 4.4 160cc engine is powerful and maintenance-free, so you can finish your heavy duty work without any additional problem. The engine is equipped with easy start feature that allows you to turn it on with a single button. That is far more convenient than on other similar trimmers that are in the same price range. The engine is also more dependable and you can use it for all kinds of works. It comes with a filter that will reduce and lower emissions, which is great for state regulations that forbid bad emissions for gardening tools.

You don’t have to maintain it and it contains tangle resistant trimmer head that could adjust from 1.5-4’’. You can also move it right and left, which means that it is great for edges and around fence posts. You can pivot it 90-degrees vertically in order to double its efficiency.

It features four strings and eight effective cutting lines with 0.155’’ diameter. You can easily replace trimmer line without using any additional tools. It comes with 15.75’’ wheels which will give you better clearance over rough terrain. It is convenient for use because it contains debris shield.


  • It is durable and efficient for heavy-duty work
  • Engine is quite powerful and equipped with starting feature and emission filter
  • It easily maneuverable
  • It is lightweight
  • You can easily change trimmer line without any tools


  • It doesn’t have anti-vibration feature

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5. Swisher 6.75 GT 22-inch Deluxe String Trimmer

Swisher ST67522BS Standard String TrimmerThis particular Swisher string trimmer is specifically made for homeowners and medium sized lawns. It comes with 22’’ wide using and 0.155’’ diameter of cutting line. When you understand that it has fixed trimmer head that you have to attach only once and you will be able to trim until line wears out. It has great bump the ground features that will protect your Swisher string trimmer from tough items. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver especially on rough terrain. This great trimmer is perfect for thick bushes and tall grass. You will be able to easily transform it into an edger without any additional attachments. What is most important, you don’t have to use any tools in order to replace the trimming line which is way faster and more convenient because you will be able to finish your work in a timely manner.

The cutting head has a possibility to adjust the cutting angle in order to cut hard to reach places. Most users are satisfied because it comes with built-in debris shield that will protect you from cutting dirt, discharge, and other flying debris. It is approved by California Air Resource Board because it contains emission filters. You will get 2-years warranty. There is a possibility to change cutting height from 1.5-3.5’’. The rear tire is 15.75’’ and it is lightweight. It is perfect for maneuvering and ample clearance on rough terrain. It could pivot up to 30-degrees right or left and 90-degrees vertical which means that you can easily reach edges and around the fenced grass.


  • It comes with 22’’ cutting width along with four trimmer strings and eight cutting lines
  • You can easily engage the trimmer by using handlebar lever
  • Swisher string trimmer is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • You can adjust height from 1.5-3.5’’


  • Handles are made from plastic

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The main factor in determining which Swisher string trimmer you want to purchase is the size of your lawn. You should also consider all obstacles and slopes such as flower beds and trees. For example, if your lawn is larger than ½ acre, it is always better to choose efficient string trimmer that is capable of finishing your work. Swisher string trimmers are mostly gas-powered which is far more convenient if you have in mind that they are capable of finishing bigger lawns. They provide more power than battery-powered trimmers and most of them contain emission filters for eco-friendly features.

We have presented you best Swisher string trimmers, and it doesn’t matter which one you decide to purchase because all of them will give you a combination of efficiency, power, and affordability. At the very end, Swisher string trimmer is a great brand that will be in your garage for years.