Toro String Trimmers – Widely Used For Their Flexible Designing And Durability

The Toro Company has been setup in the year 1924 and since then they have committed themselves in beautifying and maintaining the beauty of the outside environment. Through decades they have gathered reputation and acclaim on their efficient and hospitable customer care. A string trimmer is also in another word known as the Strimmer. It’s a powered handled device. These trimmers use a flexible monofilament, whereas the lawn mowers or other such devices use blades for cutting grass or plants.  The String Trimmers are powered internally using the internal combustion engines. All Toro string trimmers and their spare equipments come with a full two year warranty.

Toro string trimmers are widely used for their flexible designing and durability. The Toro brand has throughout the years have been making a name for themselves with their unique designs. Most of the Toro models run on batteries. These are run on small 12 volt batteries that can be easily recharged within 24 hours time. The cordless trimmers are powered up in this manner. This is the main advantage of the Toro models over other company trimmer models. Here they use batteries, and hence there isn’t any hassle of refilling with oil or the problems with the tangling of the electrical power chord. This trimmer also uses the nylon string the cutting purpose. To increase the line when required just tapping the trimmer head with the help of the patented bump feed line advance. These models are compact and are based on contemporary styling and are very well balanced. With cushioning and sleek designing of the handle they are easy to handle and maneuver. These models weigh in at a modest six and a half pounds. The spool of the trimmers is about 10 feet long with .065 inch width. After wear and tear the original spool is replaced with the replacement spool which is of slightly different length of 12 feet and0.050 inches width, these trimmers are provided with shock absorbing cushions to provide for a minimum vibration work which in turn increases fuel efficiency and decreases the wear and tear of various parts.

Toro 51467 8-Inch 12-Volt Cordless Electric TrimmerThe Toro Cordless String Trimmer (51467) has quickly got itself its own share of customers. This device has improved balancing capabilities over the original Toro string trimmer models.  They run on 12 volts and are quite lightweight. They have a unique feature of a larger shield which provides sufficient protection against debris.  Another product related to the original one is the Toro 51467 8-Inch 12-Volt Cordless Electric Trimmer. This one also runs on a 12v battery which lasts up to 35 mins. Its provided with a much softer grip for comfort. It doesn’t need any special or extra tools for the assembly and spool replacement. One more product that are on the same lines is the Toro Electric String Trimmer (51358). It’s a 13 inch rugged cut model which runs on a 3.9 ampere motor. This trimmer is basically used to do tough trimming jobs, which explains the high current rating. It is capable of making a full 180 angle turn for easy edging capabilities.