Poulan Pro PP125 – A Powerful and Efficient Gas String Trimmer!

I have had the Poulan Pro 17-Inch 25cc Gas Powered String Trimmer for about 4 weeks now.  I purchased it just as my old trimmer had decided to stop trimming so well, and after I had gotten annoyed with the design of the previous trimmer.  Some trimmers have a curved shaft between the handle and the actual trimmer.  There are two main problems that I have with this.  Firstly the curve means that it is almost impossible to comfortably store the trimmer without wasting space, and secondly the design means that it is really inefficient to trim with because the weight of the trimmer is not balanced and I end up with painful, tired muscles at the end of my trimming.  The Poulan Pro 17-Inch 25cc Gas Powered String Trimmer however does not suffer from this problem.  It has a completely straight shaft design, which I prefer, as it is easier to handle and doesn’t have the same tilt that other trimmers seem to suffer from.

Poulan Pro PP125The Poulan Pro 17-Inch 25cc Gas Powered String Trimmer does come with a few optional extras by way of attachments.  Of course it is completely up to you whether or not you wish to use them, or just peep the trimmer as a standard trimmer, but if you do want to make full use of the additional features, the parts are really simple to fit and remove.  I have spent many hours setting up other trimmers that have offered additional features, but the parts on this just snap into place.

The Poulan Pro 17-Inch 25cc Gas Powered String Trimmer is reasonably easy to use, and I would say it is safe too.  There is a simple trigger method of starting it, and as soon as you stop pulling on the trigger, the string stops spinning.

Because the Poulan Pro 17-Inch 25cc Gas Powered String Trimmer is gas powered, there is none of the usual problems that you would experience with the corded or battery powered trimmers.  The tank can be filled with as much or as little gas as you like, and if you do run out of fuel, you just pour some more in – there’s no need to wait to use the trimmer again like you do when you are using a battery powered trimmer.  Having a gas tank doesn’t even mean that the trimmer is heavy.  In fact, because you are not carrying around a big heavy battery, you will find that this is lighter than other cordless trimmers that you may have used if you have never tried a gas trimmer.

I recommend this trimmer if you are looking for a gas-powered alternative to your usual corded or battery powered cordless string trimmer.

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