Factory-Reconditioned Black & Decker LE750R EDGEHOG 2-in-1 Landscape Edger

Black & Decker products are the best in their field and come with promising results.
Black & Decker LE750R EDGEHOGThe Black and Decker factory reconditioned LE750R Edgehog landscape edger is the ideal edging tool for all lawn enthusiasts. Since it is a factory reconditioned product, that simply means that the product could be returned to the manufacturer and it is his responsibility to turn it into a new-like product then. The exclusive two in one feature of this tool converts the edger to a landscape trencher, thereby, providing the user with more comfort while operating this wonderful edger.

Edging your driveways or sidewalks could never get easier. The 11 Amp high torque motor lets you tackle even the back grass trimming task and the overgrown bushes with ease. The tool free assembly is easy to arrange and the whole tool gives in hassle-free installment option to the user. The tool also has a 3-blade cutting system that comes very handy while undertaking the over-cutting related tasks. One can adjust the position of the blades as per the requirements of the task. The in-built cord retention system securely stores the extension cord in place and reduces the problem of unplugging that users quite often face. This LE750R Edgehog landscape edger by Black & Decker is designed so the cord does not get in the way.

Weighing as light as more16 pounds, this product is easy to use at all times by all age- users. To be precise, the amazing LE750R Edgehog landscape edger from the house of Black & Decker has in it those unique features and efficiency that even garden enthusiast looks for while looking for a grass trimmer or edger. And when you have such powerful tool available at a reasonable price of less than $59.99 , you just cannot overlook this remarkable landscape edger that too from a well-known brand like Black & Decker.

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