Factory-Reconditioned Black & Decker NST2018R 18V Cordless 12-in GRASS HOG Trimmer-Edger Reviews

Black Decker NST2018RThe amazing Factory-reconditioned Black & Decker NST2018R 18V Cordless trimmer-edger needs no description as its brand and amazing features speak for the product. This 12-inches grass hog cordless trimmer-edger is a factory reconditioned product that means it could be returned to the manufacturer who brings it back to the new-like condition.

The best part lies in its instant start trigger feature that makes it hassle-free for the user to start it and with no tension of pulling and plugging cords. Further, the precise edge guide makes sure a spotless finish along the pavement. Some of the string trimmers may even contain the cosmetic blemishes but that is not the case with the Black & Decker NST2018R trimmer. The same comes along with 2 18V batteries and a 18V battery charger. One may find numerous trimmers being more powerful than this product but this Black & Decker product beats all in terms of convenience, efficiency and durability.

The product comes handy in trimming grass around the yard overcoming all the obstacles and weeds in between that grows in the sidewalk cracks. And of course, with the long battery power and extra batteries coming along with this Black & Decker trimmer, you just need not worry about its longevity. Furthermore, there is no need for oiling, gas-filling or gas-mixing for this product to work as it works perfectly without these operations as well. The anti-vibration feature does not let you feel the irritating vibration in your hands either that often comes after using other trimmers. And with so many features on offer at a reasonable cost of not more than $70, it comes as a must-buy for those who love their neatly trimmed lawns and gardens.

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