WORX WG112-The Best Choice For A String Trimmer

The WORX WG112 is one of the newer products from the line of WORX which is the world leader in power tools and maintenance equipment for lawns. This is more commonly known as the WORX 4.5 Amp 12 inch dual line trimmer which is meant for the lighter trimming jobs and lawns which are rather smaller in size as compared to the larger lawns that the other devices can tackle with their power. Coming at a price of just around $70 (see price at Amazon.com) or actually a little lesser, it definitely gives the potential buyer a reason to look at it as an option for their lawn.

WORX WG112Coming from the house of WORX, this device does indeed lack some of the technical prowess of the earlier products which have been launched by this company. It is an electric dual line trimmer that comes with the perfect mix of a comfortable design along with an efficient power motor which allows the device to give a good amount of energy output which will allow you to trim your lawn in a small time. One of the most striking features of the WORX WG112 is that the head can be used to quickly turn the machine into an edger which means that one can easily turn this into a pull behind edger for use in a matter of seconds. Other than that, there is a large twin wheel that is fitted in the front of the head such that you can guide the edger pretty well. The WORX WG112 comes with an auxiliary handle along with their trademarked telescopic handle which means that the users can now simply adjust the dimensions of the handle such that they can use this easily.

However, in terms of customer reviews, the WORX WG112 is probable one of the few machines which has actually not got fully perfect reviews in terms of the response of the general experiences that the users have got from this machine, The functions of weed edging is not really fooling proof and edging is also not really perfect with the WORX WG112. Other than that, there are also some availability issues that are there with the spools for this machine as the string is not readily available everywhere. In fact, the spool changing mechanism of the WORX WG112 is also somewhat not the standard technique and this means that there will be some problems faced by the user in trying to figure out the manner in which they can reload the string.

Best features of the WORX WG112

The nominal pricing and the trademark telescopic handles are probably the only things good about this flawed machine.

Flaws in the design of the WORX WG112

There are numerous flaws in the design of the WORX WG112. The line always has to be dug out from the head. The guide wheels getting in the way and the bells and the whistles going off now and then are probably just a few of the others.

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