WORX GT WG151.5 Reviews – Trimming Made Easy

This is a new string trimmer from the line of WORX power tool which is a fresh breath in the line of the electric string trimmers and comes pretty well priced which is suited for all the sections of the consumers. After their releases in the gas trimmer section, this product looks to bring a large number of new customers to this company. In terms of the other alternatives which are there in this market, a price of around $124.79 (View the latest discount prices at Amazon.com
makes this one a more or less good buy if we are looking at the other models in terms of the sturdy features that are provided by this model as compared to the others which are there in the market. In fact this is a device which also allows intensive trimming features and does give the longevity of operation which some other electric trimmers fail to do.

In terms of the initial sales of this product, the reviews are pretty good and there are few people who are no satisfied with the WORX GT WG151.5 which has the universal 18V battery. One of the most widely liked aspects of this device is the battery life and the fact that this does not come with the very troublesome wires which mean that you can take this device anywhere you like without having to worry about the wires. Customers have said that probably the only negative point about this device is that this trimmer does have some problem if you want to trim on a lawn which is larger than what the usual homes have in the city.

In terms of the workings, this trimmer works of the chargeable 18V Battery which is available with this device. All that you have to do is that just charge this battery and not only will you be able to trim your own lawn but it will still have enough charge to last you longer. The controls allow the users to adjust the working of this WORX GT WG151.5device which means that operating this machine will be surely a breeze.

Positives of the WORX GT151.5

As per the ideas that you have already got, this device is rather heavy on the positives as compared to the negatives. The trimming action of this device is pretty smooth and the design of the trimmer makes it such that you can trim your lawn even in a standing posture. This means that there is no chance of getting some kind of back pain while going to trim your garden. Furthermore, you will get features like a swivel head which entails that edging your driveway is now a task which is made really easy.

The down side of the 18V WORX string trimmer

Probably one of the biggest downsides of this device is the pricing of this machine which is somewhat higher as compared to the other similar trimmers which are available in the market. Furthermore, there is another flaw in the design which means that trimming and edging larger than normal lawns a little bit of a problem.

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